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Fri, May 5, 2023
Last Toon of Doom!
Woo-hoo! Got the proof copy of Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms today! So fast! Check it out!
A proof of Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms!

And with the crazy speed of digital printing, the last cartoon to go in this book is the very cartoon I present here, today, on Enjoy it!

Fight or Flight

See above!
Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

Fri, April 28, 2023
Holy smokes... it's a milestone! Which milestone, you may ask? Well, I don't know how many of you folks look at the .html when clicking cartoon links here on, but the link I'm about to present below has special significance. It's 1500! It means I've drawn (at least) 1500 Bob the Angry Flower cartoons.

I know, I know... that's actually not all that impressive over the course of 30+ years of toon-drawing. Cartoonists who do daily strips blow past that benchmark in 4 years and a bit. But for a weekly cartoonist, well, it's a nice round number that sounds impressive if you don't think about it too much.

So, which cartoon occupies this remarkable glorified position in the Bob the Angry Flower ouevre? Why, the one I'm about to present, of course! And it just wouldn't be a classic Bob the Angry Flower cartoon if it wasn't a reference to a years-old movie nobody liked, remembers or cares about! YESSSS!!! Dear readers, please enjoy


Different Dooms is nigh!
Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

Fri, April 21, 2023
I know what you're all desperately hungry for, dear readers:
a hot take on a 200-year-old book!
The Wretch

BOOM, baby!

Book the 13th yeah yeah yeah
Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

Fri, April 14, 2023
Okay, so we've had some pop culture fun and a sequel lately. Let's veer into a silly poltical cartoon!

Let's Compromise

Let us recall
New book! Hooray!

Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

Fri, April 7, 2023
A sequel!
As the modern world continues to unspool before us, it is meet to consider changes, changes such as the following:

Verifone 2: The Improvening

A reminder that the next Bob book impends thusly:

Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

Fri, Mar 31, 2023
After a few weeks of various pop-culture comix, it is now time to direct our attention at the modern world, its overall sense of doomed doominess, and possible ways to face such. Today I offer the following:


Oh yeah new book!
The 13th book, Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms is coming along nicely, I think. Here's a quick glimpse at the back cover, not super finally final, but close:

Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

And sure, the front cover as well:

Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

Fri, Mar 24, 2023
Liking Things
After having just concluded a 3-part series based on liking Blake's 7, why not "pivot" into another cartoon based around liking something else? Why not indeed? Let's all enjoy and remember (if you've already seen it):

Singin' in the Rain

Doom Doomy Dooms
Still in progress and on target, the soon-to-be new book:
Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

Fri, Mar 17, 2023
Wrap It Up, Blake
I hope you all enjoyed our little narrative detour into the fashionably old world of Blake's 7. I'll post the link to the final (for now) installment and then retire to my couch to watch some old Avengers episodes. Like, the spy ones with the bowler hats and catsuits. Can't wait!


Different Dooms!
Coming towards you!
Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

I want to thank all who reached out to say they'd be interested if I set up a Patreon. There weren't a lot of you, but each of you is worth your weight in anti-matter (almost)! I heard good advice (on Facebook of all things) saying that even if a Patreon only buys a drink every month, it's still a drink you don't have to pay for, and it can grow. So, dear readers, while I can't promise it will be instant, be assured that "Make a Patreon" has been added to my middlin'-sized "Stuff To Do" pile, at some point to receive the attention necessary to transform it from a notion to a reality. Thanks again, you fine folks who wrote in!

Thu, Mar 9, 2023
Yup, did the Trek Cruise, had a fine time (gross & snarly unseasonal California weather notwithstanding). Now we're back with business, the business of presenting the whopping TWO cartoons as promised last update. Here's the first:


Annnnnd following that right up, the next, like so!


What the hell are these cartoons talking about? I usually trust readers to be able to figure this kind of stuff out on their own, but folks have asked, so more information is here!

I guess I'll take this space to muse a little bit. I've moved on from my employment at EA/PopCap to pursue other creative opportunities. I know a lot of folks in my position have Patreon pages to allow their fans to support them, and now that I'm without that regular paycheck, I wonder if a Patreon page might help a little. So my questions to you, dear readers, if you exist, are: if I made a Patreon page, would any of you patronize it? What kind of pledges and rewards might entice you? Let me know (at stephennotley[at-sign] if the link doesn't work)!

Next Book!
Look, it's the book cover for the upcoming 13th Bob the Angry Flower collection! Behold it!
Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

Thu, Feb 23, 2023
Next Book Incoming!
Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms

I feel like I may have done myself a bit of a disservice with all the teasing about the upcoming book, since anything is likely to feel like a letdown after all that setup. But I made that bed and now it's time to nap in it, so here we are with the cover of the 13th Bob the Angry Flower book, Bob the Angry Flower: Different Dooms!

I'm pretty happy with how it's shaping up so far, with some fun bonus material and a foreword from Lonnie Millsap that promises to be so sexy that all Chat AIs will be required to read it in order to properly align with the new definition of the word "sexy." It'll be that sexy, I have no doubt!

It is, of course, not ready for ordering just yet, or even pre-ordering, but I can say that it will make its official debut on Wed, July 19, 2023 at San Diego Comic-Con for Preview Night. I will have loads of copies there for sale and I encourage anyone reading this to do whatever it takes to be present at that time and place to secure yourself a copy.

In matters not directly related...
here's the latest strip:Adobe

Site Housekeeping
I'm heading out for the Trek Cruise. If all goes according to plan, I'll return the second week of March. So, no update next week, but the following week will feature TWO cartoons! Neato! And they're connected, so there's that. So exciting!
Fri, Feb 17, 2023
Readers may be aware that I have feelings regarding MODOK, the classic Jack Kirby Captain America villain. He's easy to spot; he's the dude who's a giant floating head firing mental death beams at you.

It's also no secret, I think, that MODOK makes his first official appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe proper in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. (It's not a secret because he's in one of the trailers, so I take that fact as spoiled.)

As a longtime devotee of MODOK and all his works, I've been looking forward to the glorious day when he finally shows up full-headed in a live-action movie. And yet, now that day has arrived, I regret to say I find myself a bit let down.

I mean, he looks fine, I guess, as fine as a CGI giant head can look with modern technology. But I'm disappointed, and not just because the guardians of the MCU decided to adapt him rather more loosely from the comics than they have other heroes and villains. In the comics, he started as George Tarleton, a hapless functionary working for Advanced Idea Mechanics who was forced to undergo a bizarre transformation into a Mental Organism Designed Only for Computing. After being MODOCed, MODOC decided the whole thing was BS and changed his name to Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing (way cooler), which he went on to firmly establish by only killing a ridiculously impressive number of folks.

In Quantumania, he's... not that. And I could be fine with that. The MCU folks are tasked with adapting decades of comic stories into films, and they've generally done a pretty good job navigating the transition. But this time, I think they goofed.

The problem isn't that they changed his origin, though I wish they hadn't. The problem is that MODOK is such an enduring figure because he's so insanely weird-looking. In a world full of super-soldiers and science-heroes and myth-gods, MODOK still stands out with a giant-headed vengeance. He just looks friggin' cool and there's no getting around, mostly because there's no room because his head is too big. Put MODOK into any story with spandex super-types and you've just leveled up your visuals by a factor of at least fifteen. It's simple science.

But for some reason, the powers in charge of the MCU decided to debut this magnificent being in AM&tW:Q, a movie that's already an unrestrained splatter of over-the-top visual craziness. Their "Quantum Realm," which could just as easily be called "Dreamland," is filled with people and blobs and broccoli dudes and cylinger-heads and different blobs and floating spuzz in the sky and on and on and on. And on. MODOK's essential oddness is diluted wen he's just one more CGI weirdo in a world full of them. As referenced above, I think if you want to get full mileage out of the glory of MODOK, you need to place him in surroundings that are otherwise relatively sane and comprehensible. Only then shall the true might and majesty of MODOK be revealed unto us. Slotting him into an over-the-top computerpalooza as a goofy third-string circus freak is, well...

It's not what Jack woulda done, is all I'm saying.
MODOK's grand first full appearance, courtesy of Jack Kirby

In Other News
Here's a cartoon, wherein Bob is mean to Freddie the Flying Fetus (again), like so:Sugar and Salt

Anything Else?
Well, I was gonna post a pic of the new Bob book, since I now have one all ready to go. But I spent so much time above burbling about MODOK, I think I'll hold off until next week. So next week it'll be, then!
Fri, Feb 10, 2023
No Tease
By which I mean, I'm not gonna spend this update teasing the new Bob book, mostly because I'm a bit embarassed at not having a nice final cover ready for it.

So, I simply proceed to this week's strip, entitled:Verifone
Fri, Feb 3, 2023
Not yet, the Trekcruise. Not until closer to the end of February than the beginning. But still I tremble to think of it... a cruise, with TREK! Luckily I've already gotten ahead on the cartoons, so that's sorted, and loyal readers (if any exist) should see limited interruption, or at least a regular interruption but then a burst of cartoons once the interruption has been concluded. Best I can offer, and I think it's fair.

Did some more work on Book 13, but I still have some fiddling with the cover remaining. So, no fancy announcement of the next book title and cover. But as stated last week, pretties, soon it shall be. SOON!

Speaking of... hmmm... I guess I don't really have an elegant segue to the cartoon, so let's just present it:Autocare
Fri, Jan 27, 2023
New Book Incoming
I can't speak for anyone else, but for me it's been a largely fruitful week as I've been working on the 13th Bob the Angry Flower book, due to debut at this year's San Diego Comic-Con (July 19 - 23), to which I've been invited as a Special Guest.

I'd be doing a book anyway for this year's Con, but since they were kind enough to invite me I've been working ahead as much as possible. I'm not quite ready to announce the book title and cover, but soon soon soon, my pretties, it will be soon. The pieces are coming together and so far I'm quite happy with them. Perhaps others will feel the same and purchase the books when they arrive. Let's hope so and wish so!

In the meantime, here's a Bob the Angry Flower cartoon!Head in the Sand
Fri, Jan 20, 2023
Yep, the author of the Bob the Angry Flower cartoon (ie. me) is back in Seattle, where he (I) resides (reside). Not sure if all these parentheses are really necessary, but I've already typed them in and there's no going back now.

Moving forward, enjoy this week's strip:
Fri, Jan 13, 2023
Last Night in Canada
Yes, it can be revealed: I have been in Canada for the last few weeks. I know, it is to shock. But what can I say? I have friends and even family here, so I returned to the scene of so many crimes to revisit those crimes and people. I'm allowed, dammit!

But all things, good or bad, must end, so it's time to return to Seattle and really get into it. So much stuff ahead! I hope to be able to share the title and cover for the next Bob book, the 13th, very soon, so if anyone on Earth reads this web page, return weekly to get some juicy & piping hot Bob the Angry Flower news ahead of 8 billion people! If that's not something to brag about, there is no such thing.

Anyway, here's this week's toon, a spicy little media meditation entitled
Fri, Jan 6, 2023
Greeting, readers! As the above update title displays, it is now 2023. So it seems only appropriate to present the following cartoon:

Fri, Dec 30, 2022
Okay, this really is the last update of 2022, so "Dunzo" is an appropriate title. As I've returned to my sister's place after an evening of tunes and drinking, I'm gonna keep this one simple, presenting a cartoon that isn't Christmas, isn't New Year's Eve, but perhaps something in between, the loosely-titled

Beers With Jesus
Fri, Dec 23, 2022
As it's almost Christmas --so close!-- I'm going to save myself a bit of labor by not belaboring this week's update.

Instead, please find your attention directly directed at the following cartoon on the subject of labor-saving:
Hey Eye
Fri, Dec 16, 2022
The Closing of the Year
I guess the above update headline is a little premature, as we have a two more updates before we get to revel in all the glories and wonders of 2023, served up hot and fresh by a universe that's honestly gotten tired of sucking and has decided to be awesome for everybody. Wow! What a great thing to look forward to! And, if the year doesn't unfold as promised, at least we can listen to the lovely Closing of the Year track from Toys as very partial and inadequate compensation.

This isn't really a Christmas-themed strip, but it's not *entirely* unrelated to the Christmas concept, so I'll allow it. It's called
Expelled from Eden
Fri, Dec 9, 2022
More iPad Tooning
Last week I finally dove into the wild world of iPad toon-creating, and while I experienced some hiccups, the overall experience was worthwhile enough to continue. I'm liking the versatility of digital cartoon-creation, even if I now find the cartoons are taking longer to complete. Here's hoping that'll change as I get more used to this krazy new workflow.

Anyway, all this leads to this week's strip, lovingly named after the fierce and fearless
Dalek Inquestor
Fri, Dec 2, 2022
Yep, technology can be pretty interesting, if you let it. Why, just the other day I found myself

Tooning on iPad
Fri, Nov 25, 2022
Stop Comics
So last week I made a big announcement about Bob debuting on Of course, the universe being perverse (and we love it for it, don't we?), responded by going dark for the better part of a week. I heard rumors it was a cyberattack, but nothing was confirmed, and GoComics themselves were understandably a little too busy trying to get their web site up and running again to post lengthy explanantions.

All good for a laugh, and the site's back up, even if I don't think they've updated to the latest Bob strip, presented here, about acclaimed physics YouTuber
Sabine Hoffenblarble

Fri, Nov 18, 2022
It's Go Time!
And by "Go" I mean, specifically Bob the Angry Flower being on it.

There's no need to panic, now. Updates here at will continue on Fridays as always. But, if any of you fine readers wanted to spend a click or two that might one day result in me getting compensated in some tiny way for drawing these, you could do far worse than to go to GoComics and follow Bob the Angry Flower there. New strips will appear on GoComics on Mondays. FUN!

What about Twitter?
As I compose this update, it's looking like Twitter might be imploding for good. The rumor is that Twitter-buyer Elon Musk has fired so many people, or created conditions that left so many wanting out, that he accidentally sailed past the point where it's possible to keep the site running. I never really got the hang of Twitter, though I do post there from time to time under Bob the Angry Flower (@BTAngryFlower). Much as everyone loved to complain about it, and seemed to be deriving big delight in its apparent immolation over the last couple of weeks, I think I'll miss it when it's gone, and I don't think I'll be the only one.

Anyway, all that aside, here's this week's strip:

Fri, Nov 11, 2022
Well, we're on past Tuesday's election, and it seems nobody, me included, expected to hit Friday not yet knowing who would control the Senate and the House. So, bonus points to the American electorate for having some surprises in them.

This cartoon's a bit out of date now, but then again... is it? The Hill of Righteousness

Fri, Nov 4, 2022
Most Important EVER
The strip that follows might be a bit early, or maybe a bit late? I can never tell. We'll see soon enough, but I must have felt confident enough when I drew it to predict a certain onslaught of
Post-Election Lawsuits

Fri, Oct 28, 2022
Love Those Win11 Updates
I panic-bought a new laptop about a month ago, as my then-current laptop was showing regular signs of forgetting how to turn on. Ah, I was a child, a naive child. What a fool I was to think I could buy a computer and, y'know... USE it for stuff. I am wiser now. Now, I am engaged in that most satisfying of activities: Updating Windows!

What I "love" most about Win11 is its clarity of purpose. Users of the Windows 11 Operating System are well advised to respect the correct hierarchy of computational activity on any Win11 system, which is as follows:

1. Download and install Win11 Updates.
2. Check for Win11 Updates.

If your Win11 device is operating at peak efficiency, it will spend 100% of its time doing either #1 or #2.

On rare occasions a percent or two of operating time may open for tertiary activities such as web browsing, composing content, editing content, or uploading content. Responsible users should not allow such careless, irresponbile use to rise as high as 5% total computing time, however, as this may impair primary functions of downloading, installing or checking for Win11 Updates.

Once users appreciate how to work with the Win11 system to ensure that the Win11 system is as up to date as possible, a whole world of Win11 updates opens up. Let your imagination run wild with updating Win11. Anything is possible when updating Win11. Embrace your creativity and update Win11!

Anyway, in a completely unrelated aside, it seems after a hot sweaty day of updating Win11, I have a few minutes to drop a new Bob the Angry Flower cartoon on this web site. It does not concern Win11 updates, which I'm sure will be shortly corrected by the next Win11 update. Enjoy!
Splitting Heirs

Fri, Oct 21, 2022
Regular Site Update avec Cartoon
All righty, folks, after all the excitement of the update earlier this week, and in light of the debilitating smoke draining breath and life from all in Seattle (worst air in the world today, apparently!), I'll make this a quick-date by date-upping the quick-strip, updately:

Mon, Oct 17, 2022
All right, folks, IT'S HAPPENING!

And what is this "it" to which I refer? Oh, just a top-to-bottom rejiggering of, courtesy of Ace "Brian" Rothstein, old PopCap pal and OG Peggle coder extraordinaire. On his own initiative he ran the older strips through an AI upgrading process to make them slightly less horrendous to behold. He also re-sized them, re-created the .htmls to frame the strips better in varying viewing devices, and --most incredibly-- set up new "Notes" links at the bottom of each strip .html that go to the update babble that accompanied each strip's original upload. ASTONISHING!

So, after I finish typing up this update, I'm going to upload these thousands of files. Let's hope they work! Since it's Ace's doing and not mine, I am confident they will! Here we go...

Update update: All righty, looks like the update has gone through, and after a few cursory moments of testing, it seems to work. Not all strip .htmls feature "Notes" links, but the fact that any do is a win most unalloyed. Readers, if you find anything amiss, let me know at!
Fri, Oct 14 - No Time Like a Present!
After bouncing up to Vancouver to attend the sudden funeral of a fine dude who left us way too early, I'm back in time to drop this EXTRAORDINARY cartoon on you all. Are you ready? FEAST THY PEEPERS ON:

Fri, Nov 7 - Aw! Birthday!
I got this nice selection of birthday stuff from my brother Paul (see his Leaden Angels link on the left column).

2022 Birthday Haul

I can't promise him that I'll consume all the stuff in the box with equal speed, but one item leaped out at me, sufficiently so that it forms the basis of this week's strip, to wit:

Crimes of the Future of Crimes

Fri, Sep 30 - Back!
Yep, back from Small Press Expo, which was greatly enjoyable. As were pit stops in Baltimore and New York, as well as a nice weekend with East Coast family I don't get to see much. Ahhhh... normal human life! It has some appeal.

But really, who really cares about all that when there are Bob the Angry Flower cartoons to post? NOBODY. So let's have them, and be quick about it! First is this tangy morsel:
Elden Least
And then, as if by magic but in fact is only by dint of having the following cartoon on hand to post, we have:
Three Panels
Enjoy, you kings, queens and others of New England!
Fri, Sep 16 - Ess Pee Exxx
Also known as SPX, or the Small Press Expo. A quick, by which I mean excruciatingly extended, jaunt across the nation to Washington DC, then on to lovely Bethesda, MD, there to hang and/or chill with a bunch of talented cartoonists including but not limited to Keith Knight, Lonnie Millsap and Ruben Bolling. FUN! I hope so, anyway. My flight leaves at 6:12am and I'm a bit nervous about being able to secure an Uber or taxi out to the airport early enough. But I'm sure it'll be fine. Right? Fate? It'll be fine, won't it?

Anyway, after SPX I'll be touring a bit up the East Coast to see some family, so don't y'all panic if there's no update this time next week, as I'm informing you now there won't be. It will occur once I return!
All good? Lovely! Here's this week's strip, which may or may not be inspired by various chatter about "special masters" I've been hearing of late. Enjoy!
Lady J
Fri, Sep 9 - Renewwwwwww!
Whew! Who knew shipping off a passport renewal application to Quebec would vex FedEx so thoroughly that a simple 15-minute errand would balloon into two hours of frustrating BS? Not me, I can assure you, though I know it now. It's always a frustrating experience, trying to do some simple bit of business and colliding facefirst with some vast inscrutable metastructure of internal corporate dysfunction. But at least the damn thing went out the door, so now the delightful 9 or more weeks of waiting for Canada to whip up a new passport, 9 weeks of unfreedom to cross a border, hath begun. Let it be over sooner than later, if you please, universe!

In other entirely unrelated news, here's a cartoon:
Ambassador From Flatland
Fri, Sep 2 - Winning!
Or losing? Wosing? Linning? Tough to say. So many wonderful options and combinations!

Anyway, here's a cartoon for y'all. Enjoy it, I COMMAND YOU:
Done With Anger
Fri, Aug 26, 2022 - Typography
Sometimes a cartoon idea comes from simply wanting to play around with a typographical treatment on a title. That was the case for this week's strip, where I noodled around a bit on the basic text, and how I could treat it, and only after playing around with it in terms of space and shape did anything like a joke or story emerge from the shape of the letters themselves.

I dunno, I really liked this one, at least as far as using the cartoon form to have some fun, even if nobody on social media seemed to even notice it. Ah, well.

Anyway, here's this week's strip, a heavy rumination on
The Law
Fri, Aug 19 - So Many Reasonable Explanations
Last week I headlined the update with "A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation," in reference to what I'm sure we were to hear from the former president regarding the documents seized at his golf club. I should have anticipated that, he being such a generous guy, we would be flooded with reasonable explantions, shotgun-style, one right after the other, with a breathless disregard as to whether any of them worked alongside any of others. A less charitable interpretation would be that he was simply throwing whatever he could at the wall in hopes something would stick as opposed to getting his very simple story straight and then explaining it simply since he had the truth on his side. No doubt that's on it's way!

So last week the cartoon was an entirely different subject, whereas this week, well...
Fri, Aug 12, 2022 - A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation
That's what I've no doubt we'll be hearing soon from Team Donald about why the former president needed boxes and boxes of highly classified nuclear documents at his golf club. For his memoirs, perhaps? We know how conscientious he is on getting the particulars just right.

Anyway, on an entirely different subject, here's a cartoon:
Different Dooms
Fri, Aug 5, 2022 - August!
No, not August the month, though it is that. I mean august, as in "respected and impressive." I don't know to what thing specifically I desire to apply this description, just that I burn to do so. Burn, I tells ya!

Anyway, now that we're all coming down off the waves of schadenfreudean delight engendered by Alex Jones' hilarious legal troubles, let's enjoy a cool, refreshing and entirely unrelated Bob the Angry Flower cartoon called
Fri, July 29 - Con-Done!
Yep, another year, another San Diego Comic-Con. This one felt a bit odd, as was expected after a pandemic-induced two-year timeout. I described it to folks there as though somebody picked up the regular Comic-Con, shook it real hard, and a bunch of pieces fell out. Other pieces fell in, but as I say, odd... reliable landmarks had shifted, regular people were absent, new protocols ruled all.

Sales were, well... hard to say, since my records are prety scattered, but they didn't feel brisk. A big part of my shtick is to, of course, wear the flower hat as seen here:
Notley as Bob
Notley as Bob plus Javier Ramos
As you can see, it looks ridiculous, so when the occasional passer-by smiles in amusement, I can take that as an opening to hand them a flyer ("an angry flyer, ah ha-ha, how droll") and launch a pitch. But of course, with everybody masked up, you can't see smiles. So that whole strategy sails out the window and does not return.

Still, I'm very grateful to Lonnie "Two Ls" Millsap for appearing on my 30 Years of Bob the Angry Flower panel, along with late but awesome addition Lalo Alcaraz (not pictured).
The Vanishing Point

Even though we were located at the furthest extent of the convention in a room I rechristend "the Vanishing Point," a sturdy handful of hardy souls made it out to the panel, and for that I am even more grateful. Lonnie, Lalo & I forwent the typical jawing about Bob one might expect for a 30th anniversary panel, instead just yipping and yapping about cartooning: what brought us to it, why we love it, what we've gotten out of it, what we use it to express. Several folks came by the table later to say they enjoyed the discussion, so even if they were just saying that to be polite, you had best believe I will take it.

So, another SDCC in the books, and I'm signed up for the next one, creature of predictable habit I am. I hold out hope next year might be back to normal, even as I was scolding myself for thinking so, asking myself who I thought I was kidding to imagine that there was a "normal" to get back to, and if anything we were headed in the other direction at rapidly increasing speed. But I choose not to worry about such things, now or ever!

So, now we've got all that out of the way, let us enjoy as much as humanly possible a newly published Bob the Angry Flower cartoon, this one, called
Tues, July 19 - Wild New Yonder
Well, not THAT new. It's not like I've never gone to San Diego Comic-Con before. Indeed, the number of times I can be said to have gone is at least "many," and possibly more.

And yet, I dunno... I feel a weird anxiety. I guess not having a SDCC for the last couple of years broke my rountine. Plus I have to get up early enough tomorrow to get on the plane and have all my stuff get there... nerves, I tells ya!

One lovely piece of late-breaking news, though: I'm delighted to claim that celebrated cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz will be joining Lonnie Millsap and me at this silliest of San Diego Comic-Con panels:

30 Years of Bob the Angry Flower
Thursday, July 31, 2022 (whoops, July 21, not 31; sorry, folks!)
Room 29CD

So much delightful back-and-forth between us veteran 'toonists, real live super deep dirt from the cartooning trenches, bringing the hard truths no others dare speak aloud. I imagine it might go a little something like:
30 Years of Bob the Angry Flower

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
But you can always buy one simply by clicking the link directly above! Modernity! It astounds!
Fri, July 15, 2022 - What Did I Forget?
That's what I'm constantly asking myself, and will continue to ask myself up to and through my arrival at San Diego Comic-Con next Tuesday. I'm sure the answer will announce itself with bright clarity Wednesday or Thursday when it's far too late to do anything about it. I had my Comic-Con stuff all sorted out and regular last decade, but this two-year hiatus has left me rusty.

At least I'm confident I won't forget my 30 Years of Bob the Angry Flower panel on Thursday, Jul 21, 6:30-7:30pm, as I've been fussing around getting it ready all week. If anybody reading this is gonna be around then, come on by... I think it should be a good time, with my esteemed friend and now-regular New Yorker Lonnie Millsap along for the ride to talk some serious, SERIOUS cartooning. There will also be jokes.

I'll do an udpate here Monday before I head out, with next week's cartoon a little early, but in the meantime, let's check out THIS week's stunning bit of buffoonish commentary:

God Times

Fri, July 8 - Not Technically Late
Typically I update on Thursday evening with a Friday log, but this time... ah, this time, I'm actually doing the update on the actual date (shown above). No big deal, really. Nothing to panic about.

So, that bit of administrative trivia aside, let us proceed with hyper-abandon to this week's cartoon:


Fri, July 1 - Sorry I'm Late
Hey, dear readers, you may have noticed a couple of weeks went by without updates. Fear not, as it was only because I was in Canada and forgot to do the updates when I had the chance, and not because Bob the Angry Flower has gone out of commission. Not so, as we will see!

First, let us get up to date on our recent Bob the Angry Flower cartoons. Having left off with The 2nd A, we now proceed first to

Gold Scarab
followed instantly by
A Simple Plan
and thereupon succeeded in shortest order by
Free Willy

San Diego Comic-Con 2022
Yeeahhh, folks, we're having a San Diego Comic-Con again after a couple of years off. And as always, I'll be there. BUT WAIT... there is so much more. I'll also be hosting a panel, "Repeat Until Dead: 30 Years of Bob the Angry Flower." Fun! It's at 6:30pm on Thursday evening, July 21, so I kind of expect attendance to be spotty at best, assuming there is any at all. But if you happen to be going to Comic-Con this year, and have read/are reading this now, why not pop by and aks me a question or two? IT WILL BE A GOOD TIME I ASSURE YOU.

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, June 10 - Hear Hearing
Caught the first hearing from the January 6 Committee. Pretty good stuff, if by "good" you mean damning testimony making abundantly clear that Donald Trump knew damn well he was full of shit and was breaking the law. Will anything come of it? I wish I could say I believe so, but nope, I will only believe it when I see it. That just seems prudent.

So, moving to another topic one could consider "political," let us consider

The 2nd A

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, June 3 - Wow, June already
As we can see, I'm back to blabbering about months and how surprising I continue to find them. Speaking of being surprised by things, but not really, let's enjoy this week's Bob the Angry Flower cartoon, lovingly entitled


Fri, May 27 - An Update
Not an especially fancy update, to be sure. I don't have a whole big thing to go blabbering on about this week, no pointless commentary on the mystery of months or how "strange" it is that days get longer and shorter over the course of a year. Nope, this week's update is designed with one goal in mind: to present the latest Bob the Angry Flower cartoon.

Here is that cartoon!
The Watermelon

Fri, May 20 - So May!
Wow, it's May already, and not just May, but almost 2/3rds of the way through it! What the hell, 2022?

Here's a cartoon, largely unrelated to the preceding comments:
Fun Time

Fri, May 13 - 1450
Holy goodness... this week's Bob the Angry Flower cartoon is the 1450th! What an astonishing milestone!

Let's celebrate it with the following cartoon:
Omega-Level Creativity

Fri, May 6 - Goodbye Roe
Goodbye Wade. Goodbye summer smooching and abortions in the shade.

Like many, I was caught by surprise by this enormously predictable development, so I don't have a cartoon about it this week. It may be some weeks before I figure out a strip to express my thoughts on the matter, thoughts which regular readers could probably guess range from fury to frustration to other stuff I don't have clear names for. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I have the following cartoon. Enjoy it while you can!
Quit Paypal

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, April 29 - Hey a cartoon!
It's this!

Limited Nuclear War

Fri, April 22 - Elden Ring!
No, Elden Ring isn't the subject of this week's cartoon. It's merely the most pressing reason for why this update is shortly and sweetly presenting the new strip so I can get back to playing Elden Ring. So, here's this week's strip,


Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, April 15, 2022 - Games!
Or, really, just one game, this one:

Elden Thing

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

Fri, April 8 - But Rebut
I don't usually use Bob cartoons to directly rebut comments other cartoonists make on their own Facebook pages... but just because it's not usual doesn't mean it doesn't happen!

Reclaiming Whataboutism

Lo, A Book:
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

Fri, April 1, 2022 - Let's go Picard hey let's go
I've been --sort of?-- enjoying this oddball rollercoaster Picard Season 2's been on. It's dumber in a smarter way for sure. Still no Lower Decks, but we can't expect the makers of real-life tv shows to have the human instinct and sensitivity to storytelling mastered by those lucky enough to work in animation.

Anyway, enough about television and all its foulness. Let's turn our attention gratefully and greedily to this brand new Bob the Angry flower cartoon about... um... television!
Right, though, right? RIGHT???

you can
this book:
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

Fri, Mar 18 - Nothing About Batman
I mean come on. I barely had anything to say about Batman as it was and I kept not saying it for weeks. Engough already. Let's look at a fresh new Bob the Angry Flower cartoon instead!

Give Me Your Hand
What a cartoon, huh? Great comics, kid! Keep it and one day you'll be a STAR!

you can still
this book:
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

Fri, Mar 18 - The Bat... Man?
Huh. Odd movie, that one. A number of movie YouTubers I follow seem to REALLY love this new The Batman. And I can see their points, sorta, sometimes. But I also spent the first half of the movie thinking, "Does this need to be Batman? This could just as easily be Robocop. Or Master Chief or Universal Soldier if they were detectives." I dunno. Still pondering on it.

Putting the bat aside, let's all dive into a cool, refreshing endless pool of
Moral... Clarity?

this book
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

Fri, Mar 11 - The... BAT... mannnn
Yep, I'm but an hour or so from watching the new The Batman movie. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to go see a 3-hour The Batman the movie in the theater, but enough people had differing opinions about it that I figured I had to go see for myself. Hell, I may even enjoy it!

How was the Star Trek Cruise, you ask? Fun! Ran into some folks who I met last time, met some new folks, cracked some jokes, talked Trek a bit, drank liters of whisky and coffee, and took all too many luxurious naps. Ahhhh... Trek Cruise! Why not, I say!

Anyway, it's been a while, so let's get to it, with "it" being the presentation of some fresh new Bob the Angry Flower cartoons. I still haven't had the guts to figure out a gag regarding the current awfulness in Ukraine, so instead we'll first larf a little about the inherent silliness of newfangled Drug Names
and then, once we've laughed ourselves almost to ecstacy, we'll get the rest of the way there by contemplating the sublime hilarity of what occurs when we
The Cartoon Where The Title Goes Round and Round In A Spiral In On A Little Panel Where Bob Says:
why not improve your existence immeasurably by purchasing
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Thur, Feb 24 - War Were Declared
Feels more than a little strange to be larking off on a week-long Star Trek Cruise as the missiles start striking in Ukraine, but that seems to be the situation. Even odder that the cartoon this week is about 15 months late, and since I did one to get ahead, it'll be at least two weeks before we get any crispy Bob the Angry Flower hot takes on this international catastrophe and human calamity. I honestly don't even know what I'm likely to say, other than it looks like the United Nations weren't up to the task of maintaining peace, but of course we've known that for a long time now. I don't believe in God, so there's no point in praying, but if fate or the underlying consciousness of the universe or something would like to cut all the innocents in Ukraine a break, that would be swell. Ah, who am I kidding... it never turns out that way!

Anyway, here's that long-out-of-date and especially irrelevant-feeling cartoon I mentioned above:


You can always purchase
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Feb 18 - Make Peace With Your Gods
Well, we're done with Season 1 of Peacemaker, now promised a second, and if you haven't given it a try yet, you're a damn fool. There. I said it. Harsh; true.

In other news, there's a new Bob the Angry Flower cartoon born unto this world this week, bearing the exciting title of

Godzilla vs. Godzilla-Sized Coronavirus

You are getting very sleepy... sleepy, yes, and filled with the need to purchase
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Feb 11 - I Sure Do Love Peacemaker
Unlike previous weeks, I'm not dashing this update out in order to sit down and watch this week's episode of Peacemaker. I've already seen it! It continues to be great. Y'all should definitely give it a try. May not be everyone's cube of tea, but there's much to be enjoyed for those whose it is.

So What About Book of Boba Fett?
I haven't really written up anything formal for the Star Wars Variety Hour, also known as The Book of Boba Fett, but if anybody's interested in Book of Boba Fett, Season 1 Episode 7 Thoughts, you can read them here. Or in the link before.

Is there a Bob the Angry Flower cartoon this week?
There is! It's this:
U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

What is life if you don't own
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Feb 4 - Oh Boy!
Another Thursday evening, banging out a fast update before settling down to a new Peacemaker episode. I love these!

I actually kinda like this week's strip. It got some lift on social media, at least by my standards, by which I mean that a greater number than zero people responded to it in some way. SUCCESS! Not See

Why not buy

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Jan 28 - Hoo Boy!
Am I ever excited to share this week's Bob the Angry Flower cartoon with you all! And not just because I have to do the update before watching Peacemaker so I want to get it over with as fast as possible, either. This is genuine enthusiasm! What was the cartoon, again? Oh, right... this one!


You are filled with the need to buy

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Jan 21, 2022 - Big Money
Maybe not that big, but big enough to consider. Big enough to experience some brief pause before going all in on a glorious new

iPad Pro

Buy this book for money!

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Jan 14 - Reasons, Seasons
Every cartoon is different in terms of what motivates me to draw it. Sometimes it's a particular gag, or a specific thing I want to draw, or a definite point I want to make.

And sometimes... sometimes it's a simple combo of liking a made-up word plus enthusiasm for drawing said word as a title. So it was in this case, as we dive into the heavy epic of

The Deemer

Buy this book for money!

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Jan 6 - A New Year!
And since it's a brand new year, let's kick it off with a brand new year Bob the Angry Flower cartoon, to wit:
5 Reasons 2022 Will Be A Happy New Year
A book that can be bought!

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Dec 31 - New Year's Eve 2021
Well, this seems to wrap it up for 2021, a year that I'm not alone in regarding as rather poopy and poop-filled. Nonetheless, a few nice things happened, and I even drew a cartoon about one of them!
James Webb Super Scope
Buying this book is still very much on the table!

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Dec 24 - In Canada
Whew! Okay. Yeah. I'm in Canada. Can't say it was stress-free, getting here, but here I am, so all the anxiety of last week can be boxed up and kept snug and ready for my hoped-for return to the U.S. in a couple of weeks. Now I can rest and relax in the biting cold of a true Canadian Christmas. Hooray!

And while we're celebrating and so forth, why not enjoy a Bob the Angry cartoon, one with a DIY component anyone can enjoy!

It's now absolutely too late to order one of the below bad boys for X-Mas, but don't let that stop you. Treat yourself or someone you love with a surprise book early in the coming new year, why not?

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Dec 17 - Canada Bound
I've been superstitiously avoiding making declaritive assertions about the future, stuff like "I'm going to Canada for the holidays" or "I fly to Edmonton this Friday" or "Tomorrow will most certainly arrive, and on schedule." I know I'm just fretting, what with all the PCR tests and Arrive-CANT follies and taking screenshots of one app to upload to another app in hopes that at some undetermined point in the future a third app will have its needs met and deign to shower me with allowance to travel. It's classic overthinking.

Let's do a cartoon-strip!

I think it's largely too late to hope to order one of these in time for Christmas, but what better way to show love to those you love than to shower them with a gift when it's NOT official gift-giving season? Think of the points you'll earn!

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Dec 10 - The Justice of Sontar
By which I mean, well, just read the cartoon...
What the Hell is Happening on Doctor Who, Again?
And then after that, just to make me look like an out-of-touch asshole, they capped this goofy Flux nonsense with an finale episode that's actually pretty decent for Sontarans. So thanks, Dr. Who, I can't even mock you correctly.

A book for buying is:

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Nov 26 - Happy Thanksgiving!
I mean, technically Thanksgiving was yesterday, but I'm doing this update Thursday night, so it still counts. Because I SAY it does!

Let's all enjoy a cartoon! This one, to be precise:
Utopia Now
Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's officially Christmas season! And what's Christmas all about? GIFTS! And I just happen to have the prefect gift for you and everyone you know: the brand(ish) new Bob the Angry Flower book! Buy it because you LOVE the people in your life!

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Nov 19 - At Long Last
I'll say this for AppleTv+'s Foundation series, which concluded its first season last night: all my conversations about adaptations now have a new star witness, a reliable go-to when asking "What happens when the people adapting something don't really like it, even though they think they do?" It will serve as a rich case study for the rest of my life. For that I am truly grateful. Thanks, you bunch of effin' idiots!

I may or may not do a strip about the whole season, or an article or something, but if I don't, at least here are my notes from the season finale:

foundation finale
ep 10

-Hari lectures them about their own history
-What do we do about Bro Don?
-we're not even people
-curating people not bad
-total explanation of the vault
-The Invictus scenario remains nonsense but Harry's speech does carry a bit of the spirit of Foundation
-Broday's monologue showing us once again that he sucks
-but frankly i'm liking the monologues
-nice to have coherent expression of ideas for a change
-feels Foundation-y
-bear mccready inspiro music for dumb ol invictus captain such a waste
-hoo boy this time vault
-looks nice though
-the special sisters, Salvor & Gaal
-the rather long goodbye
-finding it difficult to get worked up about this wholly unnecessary search saga but whatever
-off she goes into the star blue yonder
-more robot murder?
-nope, more monologues. bring em!
-whoops, i guess yes after all
-zeroth law strikes again
-the whole face
-blue dart 132 years later, huh?
-nice boat!
-too bad about the entire planet
-oh man i hope hari buried some prime numbers underwater for her
-I guess that's one way to find somebody
-seal yourself in a coffin and wait 132 years for them to find you
-the time-traveling double psychic ladies of terminus!
-written and directed by david goyer. yep, that tracks

In non-Foundation news, here's a cartoon!
And while you're at it you could always buy

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Sun, Nov 14 - But For Real, Though
Kudos to eagle-eyed reader J Collins who noticed that I'd been dating all the updates since Oct 29 as, well, Oct 29. That's what we in the biz call "a mistake," and it's been fixed! Thanks for reading, J!
Fri, Nov 12 - Semi-Auto
Semi-autobiographical, I mean. Not semi-auto in the sense of being able to fire rounds quickly with trigger pulls without reloading or requiring a bolt action. Nope, it's the former, in which the following cartoon can be said to be drawn from life, in this case mine:
18 Floors
Hey, kids! A book to buy!

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Nov 5 - Growth
Not the personal kind, but the kind that occurs in one's groin and goes from barely noticeable to downright worrying in a matter of days. Luckily I've sought and received medical attention, so that's on the settled side, but it does mean I'm a bit wiped out and not up to much more than presenting this week's hilariously sad cartoon:
How to Never Be Wrong
and then tossing in another link to the brand newest Bob the Angry Flower book, thusly:

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
Fri, Oct 29 - Effing Alienware, Man...
Admittedly, I bought this thing a few years ago, so I suppose I should just suck it up and accept the planned obsolescence. But, dammit, I don't wanna! I want to rage and be angry about this friggin' laptop CONTINUALLY dropping its sound settings every goddamn time I shut it down. Hey, laptop! You have speakers attached to you! You have drivers for those speakers! SPEAK!

While we're at it, why not provide a clicky opportunity for folks to click on?
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

And then, once that's done, why not present a link to a fresh cartoon, a strip entitled, and about,
Dune Again
Fri, Oct 22 - Simple
And by simple I mean this update, which will of course include the obligatory link to the new book

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

and a link to this week's strip, entitled
Driving a Tractor Over Your Phone in Sheer Frustration
And that's it!
Fri, Oct 15 - The Plan
First, of course, the obligatory link to the new, terribly exciting new book:

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

And then, well, I've been watching this new TV show on Apple, putatively based on some old sci-fi books collectively known as Foundayshun
What fun!
Fri, Oct 8 - And Then a Silence...
I haven't yet made any kind of co-ordinated announcement for the new book, that is to say this fellow:

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

I've sent a few copies out to cartoonist friends to see if I can get a quote or two before posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. That's my excuse, but the fact is I just don't know how to whip up enthusiasm for a book absent a convention to sell it at. It's such a cool book, too. You should buy one!

In any case, here's this week's strip, inspired by true-to-life events I'm not going to get into at this time. Enjoy!
Fri, Oct 1 - New Book Now
I guess there's no point in pretending that

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

doesn't exist, because it does. I mean, look at the picture. I'm holding a copy. It's a photograph. Everybody knows those can't be faked!

So... yeah! Buy one! Full color this time, instead of transitioning to color half-way through like Exciting Space Adventure. Plus, there's a whole neato comedy sci-fi tale --Skpow!-- as backup feature this time around, presented in the form of an illustrated teleplay. What fun! After all the hassles and runaround in getting this thing to the finish line, I'm still a bit dazed in giving it the full punch-up sales job, but take my word for it... it's a great book! Buy it!

And if you're not quite ready to buy it, you could still go to and WRITE A REVIEW for it! That's right, you don't have to buy the book from Amazon --or anybody-- to write a review. And your review can be something as simple as "Hilarious! I love Bob the Angry Flower!" or some other japery of your own invention. If you have a moment, why not write a quick review? That way, the book might actually show up in Amazon's search feature if you type in a big exerpt of its title like "An Excellent Use of One's Time" the way it doesn't now!

And when you're done that, or even if you haven't, here's a lovely cartoon about a, possibly the,
Least Man
Fri, Sep 24 - Foundation!
Of course, I should be talking about how

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

is on sale, but I'm still holding off because I still haven't seen the proofs. I was supposed to get them on Tuesday, the day before my birthday, but I guess something came up at KDP and they couldn't swing it. Soon, though, I hear.

So instead all I have to talk about is the first episode of Apple TV's Foundation series. Not sure what to say about it. Looks good, like I hoped. I think it's smart to make the Galactic Empire have a dazzling diversity of design aeshtetics, architectural styles and levels of technology; it follows straightforwardly from the Empire as we find it in Asimov's books, as huge, overstretched, sprawling over millions of planets. For a concept and setting that was so influential on Star Wars, I think it's managed to distinguish itself from Star Wars in its appearance, so I'd call that a win.

As for the story, well.... every so often it kind of brushes up against something you'd remember from the books. The showrunners have applied themselves vigorously to the task of imagining and visualizing Asimov's universe and then conjuring narratives within it. I can't say at this point if I think those new inventions and conjurations are successful, but I'm not offended by them so far. Another victory, I think, though I'm not surprised that the most energetic sections of the first episode are the ones with the strongest ties to scenes Asimov wrote, and that maybe the biggest dud is the furthest from anything in the books. We'll see how further episodes play out, I guess!

In other news, here's this week's strip in a flash-from-the-past format:
Bob's Quick Guide to Convincing People, You Idiots
Fri, Sep 17 - Almost There!
I'm pretty excited, as any day now I should be receiving the proofs of the new book
Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!
to evaluate for sucking and/or success. Fingers crossed, all will be well, and I won't have to do a bunch of back-n-forths with KDP to figure out printing problems or, worse, be forced to print at much higher premium price (requiring republishing and other hassles) because their inkjets aren't clean.

In the meantime, here's this week's strip, which some folks seem to have enjoyed on the Facebooks and such. Perhaps you will too, even if it boasts the rather clunky title:
Moy Royghts
Fri, Sep 10 - So, yeah...

Bob the Angry Flower: An Excellent Use of One's Time & Skpow!

As I mentioned last week, there's a new Bob book on its way, and this is what it looks like. At least, this is what the front looks like. But what of the back?, I hear teeming millions cry. That'll just have to remain a secret for now.

When Can I Buy It?
Yes! Yes, that is the correct question. Thanks for asking, unattributed sentence; I knew I could count on you. The answer is: soon. Not quite yet, but soon, very soon. I need to get a proof back from Amazon KDP to make sure all the stuff is where it's supposed to be and the colors are up to my mid-level standards of quality. A week or two. Or maybe sooner! Get your credit cards ready, Bob the Angry Flower fans!

In The Meantime...
we have another exciting cartoon, one that really hits the nail on the... really gets to the heart of... really ropes in all the salient... uh... look, don't press me for details; all I can do at this juncture is assure you they are
Fri, Sep 3 - New Book soon!
Yep. New book, as they say, soon. I'm not quite ready to post images of the cover, but in a week or two, that will change. Normally I would've had the book out for a month and a half already, debuting it at San Diego Comic-Con, but we all know how that went (it didn't, if you didn't know). So, the ol' deadline slipped a bit as I labored to pull together some elements from people other than myself to complete it. And as is always the case, nobody cares as much about your deadline as you do, so slip that line of death do.

Anyway, enough about the new book and my irritation with KDP Amazon for not allowing me to do it in the flip-book style I'd originally intended. Even though this irritation is still quite fresh and steamy, irritating me all up inside and out. Instead, let us aim our attention at this week's strip, one that I feel is a little self-contradicting, but that I now feel like posting in discussion threads on Facebook in my sudden new interest in spawning and amplifying
Mutual Respect
Fri, Aug 27 - Hmmm...
What is there to say this week? What can be said in the face of ever-encroaching
Climate Change
Fri, Aug 20 - WINNING
Not much to say about this one, other than that I rather like it.
Fri, Aug 13 - REALISM
I don't know if "realism" is, realistically, the best possible theme for this week's update, but what the hell. It works, I've typed it already, and I'm on record as being against hitting backspace any more times than I must. Onward, I say!
Jumbo Medium Roast
Fri, Aug 6 - Philosophy
I've really been jumping around in Bob topics lately, it seems to me. Last year I couldn't help rambling about tedious political stuff most of the time, but now that it's not election season any more, it appears the pressure's off and the ol' bean is free to gnow on other subjects once in a while. It's the sort of thing that one can do when one isn't a
Fri, July 30 - Behind
I don't konw what it is, unless it's the sheer unavoidable ensludgeonment of getting older, but lately I have been way slow on coming up with zingers (or "hot takes" as the internet generations would have it) on various bits of pop culture detritous. It took me months to finally twig to the gag I wanted to draw about Godzilla vs. Kong, and come on, the dumb movie I'm making fun of below came out almost exactly four weeks ago. Time! What is it? Is it
The Tomorrow, Or...
Fri, July 23 - Missed!
Yep, I totally missed this update, even though I've assigned to it a date that it completely did not appear on. My fault... I was wrapped up in some fun additional creativity that I hope to share with you folks very soon!

So, a bit late, but still just as indelibly timeless as ever, a cartoon: Biden is a Witch
Fri, July 16 - Nap Time
It isn't. Nap time, that is, though it feels like it. I was out late enoungh and back drunkenly enough last night, that I have a real nap deficit today, one I hope to address right quick. So let's post this week's cartoon and be done with it!
Deeply Held
Fri, July 9 - Less hot
It's much less hot than it was last week, or even than it was before last week when it was hot enough to merit being mentioned in the headline of the update and the cartoon itself. As a result, heat, heat as a concept plays little to no role in this week's strip. Curious as to how this could be the case? Read on, as presents
Fri, July 2 - HOT!
Or it was, at least. It was very hot almost a week ago, which was when I drew the following true-to-life cartoon:

So, in that spirit, let's all enjoy
Solutions For When It's Too Hot to Draw a Cartoon
Fri, June 25 - About Three Months Too Late
Not that I really have any hope of going... what's the term for it? "Viral"? Not that I really have any hope of my strips going viral these days, but certainly I'd put myself in a better position for it to happen if I came up with jokes around the time they were relevant instead of 75 days after anybody cares. What can I say? It didn't occur to me until something completely unrelated was happening.

So, in that spirit, let's all enjoy
Fri, June 18 - Howzabout that Loki?
Pretty cool, huh? Yep. Havin' fun there. Neato wacky ideas based on characters I read in comic books decades ago. How knew that would be so appealing? Kevin Fiege, I guess. He knew.

Anyway, let's have a cartoon! Let's have THIS cartoon!
Fri, June 11 - For Clarity
I know, I know, the strip below doesn't exactly contain the hottest take of all time, but what can I say? I saw somebody deploy that lame ol' chestnut and had no choice but to react, like an animal, to a dingdong declaiming
It's a Republic
Fri, June 4 - Investi-who?
Wow, gosh, it seems like an eternity ago, doesn't it? When all that brouhaha erupted around the Capitol building when Congress was counting the electoral votes for the presidential election? There was some unpleasantness at the time, wasn't there? Oh, well, no matter... I'm sure I'm just misremembering the events of
Jan 6 Unsurrection

Reader Mail/Plug Section
I still get mail every so often. It's nice; almost like I was drawing a regular cartoon that had regular readers. This one comes from Dustin Kennedy, and he writes:


I've been reading btaf since the heady days of 1999 when I was a freshman in college. I've watched you join popcap, migrate, and have your sister voted into office. Once, in William Gibson's twitter feed, I defended your honor. Also I somehow manage to check in on you every Friday. Thanks for keeping this thing going. Anyway I started a press at Maybe you would like it! (you would)



I took a look at Dustin's press, and while I haven't actually taken the plunge and bought anything at it yet, it appears intriguing. The big-ticket item appears to be a book called "Typical Malignancies," which sounds like it could easily be the title of a Bob strip. If you're curious at all, why not have a look?
Fri, May 28 - 1400!
It's not really a big ticket number, 1400. Compared to biggies like 10, 50, 100, 1000, 2000 or even 1500, 1400 is just kinda there, y'know? And yet I still feel a bit of ceremony in anouncing that the cartoon I offer below is the 1400th official Bob the Angry Flower cartoon (if this silly website is to be believed).

Maybe it's no big deal to other folks, and it's certainly no bruiser like 10,000. Indeed, it's a little strange to admit to myself that I've only drawn 1400 Bob the Angry Flower cartoons. Seems like more, somehow. But it'll have to do, won't it, so allow me to proudly present a goofy cartoon strip about

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Go nuts! It's content!

And a big mess o' cartoons...

Bob the Angry Flower runs weekly in VUE Weekly and Terminal City and some other papers I'm too lazy right now to detail, though the Buffalo Beast is one.

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