The Osama Bin Laden and Bill Clinton and Space Cat and Bob the Angry Flower Comedy Hour

As some readers may recall, a few weeks ago U.S. President Bill Clinton ordered missile attacks on Sudan and Afghanistan in supposed retaliation for the bombings of the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. These missle attacks were aimed at one Osama Bin Laden, now the most feared and dangerous man in the world even though nobody had ever heard of him a week before. Coincidentally, President Clinton was in the middle of a sticky political scandal involving ... arg... Moncia Lewinsky,
something people are still (he said, shaking his head) talking about.
Fellow cartoonist Fish Griwkowsky, who does Space Cat for Edmonton's See Magazine, thought that we should do a cross over cartoon between The Edmonton Journal and See Magazine, just between the two of us, commenting on this issue. I was a little reluctant, but eventually I agreed. He took Bill Clinton, and I took Osama Bin Laden, and we both met in the middle, so to speak.
You can read the cartoons both ways, either starting with Space Cat and then Bob, or vice versa. It reads a little differently depending on which goes first. Space Cat was published on Thursday, August 27, and Bob came out the next day. Of course, nobody noticed we'd done this, except for a few of our friends. So much for our big "statement."

Anyway, here they are. Knock yourselves out.

Space Cat first, then Bob

Bob first, then Space Cat

And here's just the regular Osama Bin Laden Bob strip, by itself.

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