Buyin' the ol' Apostrophe Posters...

Full Color! 12" x 22"! 

(For just the regular cartoon by itself, click here.)

Okay, folks, this page ain't pretty, and hopefully I'll go back in and fancy it up, but here are the basics:

Buy 1 poster for $10US or buy 2 posters for $15US or 3 posters for $20US or 4 posters for $25US. Each one of these is one "product" on the CCNow Buy page, so if you want 3 posters, don't hit the "Buy 1 poster" link and then put in "3" as your quantity, just hit the 3-poster link. Got it? Also, note that US orders will have an additional $1 shipping added and International orders will have an additional $3, because of the goofy-ass CCNow shipping system.

Note: the posters are shipped folded.

This page is still a bit raw, so don't hesitate to e-mail me if there are wonky links or such like on it.

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