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November 9 update - Finally!

Well, folks, from now on, if you want to pre-order some books, you can't. You'll just have to regular old order them. That's right, they're back from the printer, all is music, and I now face the seemingly infinite task of signing and mailing out all the books you cats have been already kind enough to buy. My tiny apartment is filled to bursting with boxes of books and padded mailers, I'm stumblin' around... it's crazy! About a hundred have gone out so far, and the rest should be on their way after the long weekend! Ya-hey!

You want a cartoon? Huh? Okay, here.


In other news, the launch party went smoothly, with free chicken and free books enjoyed by all. And, I got plastered! What a country! And I didn't do any movie reviews this week for See, so nothing on that score. Sorry.

November 2 update - Everything happens at once
If only it were true. I wanted to be able to announce that the book is back from the printers and it looks awesome, but I still haven't seen them. I hope to get some from the printers today, though, and then... we'll see.

Edmonton Book launch - Wednesday, Nov. 7, Black Dog
When? This coming Wednesday, Nov 7. Where? Well, there's a book signing at Greenwoods bookstore at 7 o'clock, and then at 9 the party moves to the basement of the Black Dog Freehouse. Come one, come all. Free stuff, signed books, and buckets of chicken await all who attend.

Another cartoon?
Yes. It is this one.

In another of  my non-day jobs, I write movie reviews for See Magazine. In my constant search for more content to offer you fine folks every week, I've decided to start posting links to them. This week it's a review I wrote for the new Jet Li movie, The One. And here's one for Mullholland Drive. I actually get money to write these, though not very much.

October 26 update  - Spend that money!
I'm still wating for the books to bounce back from the printers, but that doesn't mean you can't pre-order them still. If you do, you're guaranteed to get however many books you order signed and scratchily drawn-in by me. Wotta deal!

Also, a new cartoon. Take a terrifying look into

Keep on Buying!
Gosh, you folks are awesome. I've only had my book up for pre-orders for a week and I've already sold something like 300 copies. I don't know how long the stickers will hold out, but I promise to sign every preordered book, even though it'll require some effort on my part. But you guys deserve it, because you're all rock n' roll conquistadors, every one.

And of course
There's a new cartoon for you, all about learning and drawing and being, y'know, human in this cold, cold world. It's called

And for now, that's all. Keep watching the skies!

That's right, it's time to preorder your copy of Everybody vs. Bob the Angry Flower!!! Even now, as you read these words, the diligent employees of Priority Printing are forcing the book through the membrane of existence, out of the realm of ideas and into the world of physical objects. Soon, you can own one of these astonishing objects, and if you pay now, you'll get yours as soon as the damn things come off the dock.

(Which should be around Oct 31st.)

But there's more. The first hundred orders, or until I run out of stickers, will get stickers! And if you buy all three books, or even just two, I'll sign 'em all and even put in some kind of amusing little note or sketch or something!

Let's face it: Life has never been as good as it is today. Imagine the looks of bliss, the grateful tears rolling down the cheeks of the multiple friends and family you've blessed with a copy of this book for the Christmas holidays. Imagine it and then make it happen by spending money with your credit card. It's so easy, and it helps the economy too! Together, we can defeat the scourge of terror!

Another cartoon strip! Incredible! This one is called, simply, Boobs.

October 5 Update
Another week, another cartoon happens. It's like life in that respect.

Man, the book is so close to being done, I can taste what it tastes like.
September 28 Update
Man, this strip's been sitting around for weeks. And now it's finally happening!  Please enjoy the metaphysical adventuring that ensues when Bob encounters the beings known as

September 21, 2001 Everything's back to normal update
If only it were so. I gots a cartoon for y'all. Hoop Dreams. Plus, I want to thank all you kind folks who wrote in about last week's cartoon. I guess a lot of people felt the same way I did. If only we could figure out how we're supposed to feel now... 
Emergency Update

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