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May 29 - Update so early!
Yes, I'm off to Madison, Wisconsin this week, there to charm and amuse whoever I can in the hope that at least one of those charmed is a publisher or editor or high-up decision-maker at a fancy alternative news & entertainment weekly, someone able to make the decision to run my cartoon and begin the new age of BtAF madness. What does all of this mean to you, the humble reader of the Internet? Well, if you happen to have checked this site before Friday, you're finding out that there's an update a full two days early! WHAM! How do you like that, huh? Here's the long-awaited cartoon...

What else?
I've had some requests from Madisonians to maybe get together for a beer or something. Curiously, I am to understand there's some kind of beer festival in Madison at the very place where the AAN convention is to happen. That is, of course, Monona Terrace in Madison, and I hear this beer thing is Wednesday night. I plan to be there, and I'll be wearing my sushi shirt, so I'll be as identifiable as all craziness. Why not track me down there and then? If not possible, I'll be staying at the Madison Hostel until Sunday morning, so messages left there just might reach me. And, of course, anyone brave enough to show up during regular hours at the AAN convention and has the balls or courage to wander right into the trade show without fearing being turned aside without a little dangly idento-tag will find me sitting at a table, pathetically trying to remember why I got into this business in the first place.

You still have to buy books, you know. You think you're off the hook because it's summer? Think again, private! Think again LOTS!

May 24 - A little tardy with the update
Sorry folks. Long night of watching Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula. Terrible, though some parts of the experience were truly delicious. Anyway, the cartoon this week's a bit old, but no fear -- I've got some crackers on the way, you bet! Here's the strip.

I'm going to the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies convention in Madison, Wisconsin next week, there to encourage editors and publishers to get on board one of the 21st century's nascent hits, Bob the Angry Flower. Sounds fun? We'll see. Madison ain't no New Orleans, but I hear Wisconsin leads the United States nation in binge drinking. WOOOO! I can binge drink!

And hey --if any of you readers are Madisonites, I would love to hear about any good comic stores. I've got a free day on Saturday, so I'd like to hit a place or two and try to interest them in my astonishing publications. And that means you won't have to order them through the mail!

And And...
Buy some books, willya? I'm tired of telling people "Well, sales have dropped off since December of course, but I still sell a few every week," when asked "So how's the book doing?" I need to be able to say something like, "Holy, y'know, I had a big burst of sales in December, and then it kinda trailed off, but then I begged people on the site to buy more books, and whaddya know --they did!" Man, what a great story that would be.

May 17 - Star Wars, and if they're... OUR wars...
Whew. What a week. What a bunch of weeks it's been, since I was born. Wild. By now everybody who cares has probably already seen Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Check out my impossibly positive review here. Cartoon-wise, nothing too fancy for you guys this week, just a little cartoon I call

Buy some books, you krazy kats, you princes of New England! Get on it!

May 10 - Yes, I've seen Attack of the Clones
A lot of people express jealousy and anger when they hear this, and I sympathize. All I can say is, it's coming in less than a week, and then everybody gets to find out for themselves what they think. Of course there's a publication ban, so you guys are gonna have to wait until next week to read my review.

What about cartoons?
Oh, sure, I've got a cartoon, kinda about a movie I saw last week, though I warn you guys; it's a little gross. It's called

And just to be clear, that's his hand all that stuff's ptooing out of...

C'mon, cats! When are you gonna buy books already? And quit e-mailng me and asking for free books! Why the hell would I do that? As if everything else wasn't free, you want to freakin' take food right out of my mouth? What kind of animals are you people?

May 3 - Spider-Day
Yes, the long, long, long-awaited big movie version of Spider-Man opens this very day in North America. Hollywood has finally --finally-- accepted its moral responsibility to give us a Spider-Man movie. I have seen it. It is excellent.. I haven't written my review for See Magazine yet, but when I do I'll link to it.

What else?
Well, there's a cartoon, name of

How's the weather, Steve?
Crappy, actually. At least it didn't snow. Grumble grimble...

Don't forget to buy books, you silly gooses! It's so easy, it's hardly like spending real money at all!

April 26 - Still cold as hell
Sorry to keep harping on the weather and all, but fuck this. I hear tell we're going to get snow again this weekend. Terrible. Just terrible.

Anyway, I hope some of you are able to enjoy this week's cartoon, a physical and emotional roller-coaster entitled

Let's not forget to buy books, now. Because, after all, you people owe me.

April 19 - Well, it's winter again
I guess it was crazy to start going on about how it was nice that winter was over, because I've learned again and again that you shouldn't talk about the future like you know what's going to happen. Case in point, the sweet taste of spring got about six inches of snow dumped on it here in sunny crappy Edmonton, and that means angry cartoons with mean sentiments. For example, here's a little number I worked up a couple of weeks ago, a gentle political tale I call

And, hey!
C'mon, folks, it's like you've forgotten to continuously buy books! What kind of people are you?

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