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September 27, 2002 - Everybody gets older
Including me; it was my 32nd birthday last week. Brrrr. Anyway, quick update this week, cuz I gotta go review some movie this morning. First, the strip:

Props, and maybe a prize or two, to the first few people who tell me which line I ripped off of which episode of Invader Zim.

--mini-update later September 27--
Holy, that didn't take long. Many people correctly identified the line "The knowledge! It fills me! It is neat!" spoken by Gir the robot in the "Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff" episode. Terence Berendt and Jim Cowling were the first couple of folks to nail it, so I guess I'll mail them some stickers or something.

Other stuff
Lessee... mention of the BtAF fan club? Check. Exhortation to buy books, with the reminder of free stickers to be had? Check. Link to a stunningly sharp-eyed and terrifying article about America in the London Review of Books? Check. Okay, I'm outta here.

September 20, 2002 -- C'mon everybody get happy...
Another week, another few twists in that crazy thrill-ride towards doom we call modern history. Will we make it? Let's hope we do, and while we're hoping, let's read a fluffy cartoon I call

FAN CLUB!!!!!!
That's right, lads & ladies, y'all gotta sign up for my wicked fan club right now now NOW! Sure, there was some Internet-standard flame-yakkin', but we'll be talking about serious things and funny laffs in no time.

And if y'do, you'll get a TOTALLY WACK sticker! Maybe a couple!

September 13, 2002 -- Friday again...
Yep, it's Friday, and here's a cartoon:

Aw, man, I knew I forgot something...
This is a little addition to Friday's update, just a wee link to a review of Everybody vs. Bob the Angry Flower at The Fourth Rail, a nifty little comics website that just happens to like Bob. Yeah!

Got back from the Small Press Expo last week. Friday was murder, very discouraging, only sold a few books, but Saturday made up for it with big sales. Key moment: watching Keith Knight, after a big joint upstairs, walking up to Scott McCloud and Art Spiegelman and saying, "You guys are HACKS!" I wanna thank everybody who showed up to buy books and chat.

Fan Club!
Yowza, the Bob the Angry Flower Fan Club is up to some 275 members! Go through Yahoo's crazy registration loops and join now!

Buy them! Buy buy buy buy!

September 4 -- Update so early!
Regular readers, or readers who look up in the upper left hand corner of the screen, know that this site is typically udpated on Friday. But I'm gettin' on a jet plane tomorrow, so I gots to do it now.

So, a cartoon, something of a follow-up to last week's Disputed Territories:

Off to SPX!
As I said above, I'm leaving. Where am I going? The fabulous Small Press Expo in sunny Bethesda, Maryland, this Friday and Saturday. Comics, comics creators galore! Much flower-hat wearing shenanigans --how long before it gets old? Let's all try to have fun out there! Yeah!

Fan Club Groaning With Young
Wow, holy Bob the Angry Flower Fan Club! I put up a link last Friday, and already there's 150 members! Wacky! I fear I may become addicted to my own fan club. Scary. Check out the thoughts of other Bob-likers here.

Jeez, when are y'gonna buy books, already? This cartoonin' ain't free, y'know!

August 29 - Freedom Day!
Yes, it's Freedom Day, where we all stand up on our chairs and recall freedom and what it's done for all of us. In that spirit, here's a cartoon my brother said I should "just tear up."

Fan Club?
An enterprising Bob fan has done the unthinkable; he's set up a Bob the Angry Flower Fan Club at Yahoo Clubs. Not too many folks in it so far, but that can change, and you could be a part of that change.

Small Press Expo in Bethesda?
Well, I don't like to jinx these things, but it appears my books have made it through customs okay and are zipping their way to Maryland as we speak. The convention is a short one, only Friday afternoon (Sept. 6) and Saturday (Sept. 7), so fans of my books better get over there and buy like crazy so I'm not left with a ton of unsold books to burn.

Buy books?
Yes, please!

August 23 -- Getup, getup, get there!
I don't really know what the above header is supposed to mean. Also, I've had complaints about not updating my site, which leads me to offer this handy tip: if you're coing to the site on Friday, wondering if I'm ever going to update it, don't forget to hammer on the "Refresh" button a bit, cuz sometimes the browser won't notice that it's been updated unless you do. Don't ask me why!

Anyway, a cartoon:

Anything Else?
SPX, of course, is a-comin' like Hell itself, unstoppable, like a freight-train. That's the Small Press Expo in sunny Bethesda, Maryland, September 6-8. I've booked a room at the Holiday Inn this year, and I'm kinda looking for anybody who might be going who'd be intereseted in sharing some of the cost of the room. Rates negotiable. No weirdos. And please, buy some books.

August 16 - Good times...
No earth-shaking updates this time around, just a cartoon that picks up where we left off last week. It's called

Small Press Expo
Yep, SPX is comin' up in September, in Bethesda, from the 6th to the 8th, and it should be a good time.

Buy books, you crazy cats! Buy them!

August 9 - Back from San Diego
But first, a cartoon:

San Diego rocked!
Well, that's how I'd describe it, anyway. I brought down 120 books and sold out of Everybody and Sinistar by Friday afternoon. To all the people who showed up after and couldn't get books, I'm an idiot. Thanks to everybody who came by and bought stuff and said "Hey, are you the Bob the Angry Flower guy?" Most of my pictures blew, but here's what I looked like:

Of course, San Diego Comic-Con isn't just about selling. It's also about waiting in line to catch a glimpse of God-on-Earth Stephen Chow, pictured below:

Saturday, the selling done, I swanned around and hit panels. I wasn't cool enough to spot Ben Affleck or Jennifer Lopez or Schwarzenegger, all of whom were apparently there, but I did get to see a new Futurama and talk briefly with Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon. Cool stuff. And I think I'm in the process of developing a major crazy-go for Jhonen Vasquez's Invader Zim.

What the deal with the K Chronicles cartoon this week?
This year, as last, I hung out with San Francisco cartooning legend Keith Knight, who just now has a new book out and made crazy money last weekend, th' bastid. His cartoon The K Chronicles rules, and the most recent issue in Salon.com features a cameo of Stephen Notley, that is, me. I hate to break it to you folks, but I have no idea what he's talking about. Really.

And Penny Arcade
In other Bob-in-other-cartoons news, I got a mention on the title page of the hilariously foul-mouthed gaming comix site Penny Arcade (here's hoping these links work). As he says, I got a chance to meet the Penny Arcade masterminds, and was afforded the opportunity to have them somehow get the idea that my civilian name is Bob Flower rather than Stephen Notley. There's nothing more mysterious about this than them getting it wrong. Still, it's nice to be noticed.

Coming up in about a month!
Yep, it's the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. More triumphs to be reported, I am sure!

Earlier updates? They're here.

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