December 27 --Last Update of '02
Man, and I really wanted to do a big, elaborate, say-goodbye-to-2002 update for this one, but I'm just so freakin' sick I can barely see. So here's the last strip of 2002:

No new reviews or links... or wait a minute, I've got kind of a link, an interview with me at you might want to check out. And, uh, that's about it. Buy books, and for cryin' out loud, try not to buy them from! I make hardly anything on those ones. And everybody bundle up, it's gonna be a cold nasty year, I think. With flashes of greatness and joy, of course.

December 20 -- Almost forgot the update
Yep, here I was, just reading reviews of Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers, and it almost completely slipped my mind that I had a web site to update. Almost completely, but not completely completely, because then I did remember, so ultimately you could say it completely didn't slip my mind. Awesome!

Anyway, a wistful cartoon with a current-events reference that nobody's gonna get...

And in other news...
Speaking of reviews of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, here's mine. Movie so good. I just got back from my second viewing this evening, and my face is wet with tears. It's like, oh yeah, you can totally deliver a huge special-effects driven spectacle along with great characters and powerful emotional moments. All y'hafta do is not screw it up. After so many years when no big movie could actually succeed, where the craft was so shoddy that no film could do any better than getting maybe 60% or 70% of its elements working properly, these LoTR films feel like Gandalf charging down the hill with the sun at his back. They feel like liberation. Thank you, Peter Jackson! Thank you for not sucking!

Stuff to buy...
It occurs to me that in all the yabber on this site about buying books, especially in the runup to Christmas, that I didn't take enough opportunities to go on and on about making sure everybody knew to buy L. Fitzgerald Sjoberg's The Ratings, with illustrations by me. I mean, yeah, I know I spent some time going on about it, but I hardly mentioned it at all in the last few weeks. It's too late to get it for Christmas, I'd say, but still, it's good.

December 13 -- So close now...
Not too much to yap about here, folks. The cartoon pretty much says it all.

Christmas is a-comin'!
So if you want books, now now now is the time to order them. You still might make it. Uhhhh..... and that's all I got this week. No new movie reviews, no new links, nothing. I'm all tuckered out. Must sleep.

December 6 --take that, you filthy November!
Whew. Well, we're in the final stretch on this tired old year, and then we've got the hell of all next year to make jokes about. Glorious jokes! And speaking of jokes, here's a cartoon that contains some. I hope.

Other things on today's agenda...
Well, there's a piddly new movie review of a piddly new movie, They. There's some more poo in the links dump -- but hell, I haven't even looked at the links yet. Maybe they're awesome! Doo do-do, let's see, Two Towers coming up in a couple of weeks, hard to focus on anything else... Of course, if you're hungering to give spiffy Bob the Angry Flower books to your loved ones this Christmas, now's the time to buy them. I'd just like to remind everybody that I'll be signing all the books I send out from now until the Mass of Christ. Maybe even until the New Year. So get busy! Earn money to buy my products! Yahoo! Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

November 29 -- Jesus Christ, is November 2002 ever going to end or what?
Yep, it's still November. It feels like it's been November for about fifteen months now. Let's just move on to December and Christmas and all that jazz and leave November behind. Though November did bring that new Lord of the Rings DVD, so maybe it's not all hateful.

Anyway, a cartoon, and it's Cheney-free!

Other stuff this week
Oh ho ho, let's see, let's see. Long ago I opened up the T-shirt license and encouraged people to create T-shirts and said I'd put their designs on the site and then I got lazy and stopped doing it. Nonetheless, here's a link to the T-shirts page, where I've put up a new design that looks pretty good. So there's that. Then this week there are two new movie reviews, one for Die Another Day and one for Igby Goes Down. See which one was good! Curiously, no links dump submissions, I haven't really encountered anything recently enough to warrant updating the regular links page, and, uh, that's it.

Oh, and buy books.

November 22 -- La De Dah...
Ah, we got some nice balmy non-freezing weather up here in Edmonton these days. Right, enough about the weather, here's a cartoon:

A different subject: the new Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition DVD. So good. So damn good. Can stuff actually be this good? Awesome new cut of the film, four luscious commentary tracks, tons of featurettes that cover every aspect of the production, nice simple DVD menus, and an overall book-like packaging that's so sweet it makes me almost believe in the spirit of God in the works of men. 

No new movie reviews this week, but there's a couple more links in the Dump, if anybody cares.

And... it's Christmas!
Well, not yet. But it's getting up there, and if you're thinking of buying slick new Bob the Angry Flower books for your fiercely loved ones, you should probably get on it, cuz the mail ain't too reliable once it starts getting into December. Just a friendly reminder.

And while you're buying books, why not zip over and buy Lore Sjoberg's The Ratings, illustrated by me, written by him, funny funny. What a great Christmas it's goona be!

November 15, 2002 -- Snowy...
And I'm not talking Tintin, either. I'm talking about frozen water, drifting out of the sky alllll day long, adhering to the bottom of my boots and the floor of my kitchen. In a way it's not so bad, though, because being shut in all day gives me lots and lots and lots of time to play my favorite new game, 


There's a Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets review on the reviews page, I've dumped couple more links in the Dump, and there's a new link or two on the main links page.


November 8, 2002 --We're in it now
Stomach still lurching from the big Republican win on Tuesday. Seriously, I don't know what to make of it. I mean, I shudder when I imagine the nightmare heading our way, and I hope it doesn't come, but there's another part of me that says, what the hell, clearly we're not going to get to skip this thing, so we might as well bring it on sooner rather than later.

Anyway, who cares? Here's a little cartoon called:


Added some content to the Reviews and Links pages, finally. I'll keep updating them as reality changes through time. Also, Christma gift-giving season is coming up, and that means buying books for family and friends, and getting them signed in the bargain!

November 1, 2002 -- A New Hope
Well, folks, here it is. A big fat redesign of to make it look slick and inviting to all those cats out there who like HTML that doesn't look like it was slapped together in 1996. The changes are at once superficial and profound, and regular readers shouldn't have too much trouble figuring out where everything is.

But let's shut up about web design for a second for a brief cartoon message:

Now let's keep talking about web design. Astute readers will notice two new links on the above link bar: a reviews button and a links button. The reviews aren't reviews of Bob; rather, I'm going to try to get organized and put up my various movie reviews for anybody who cares. As for the links, well, regular readers may have noticed that for the longest time, I've never had a links button, but now I'm gonna try it. Let's see if there's anything interesting out there on that ol' Internet to which I can make some hypertextual connections.

This redesign is a little new, and as diligent as I'm trying to be making sure everything works, stuff may still crap out. Please let me know if it does. I recommend viewing this page with Internet Explorer. Netscape should also work. I say "should" since my own personal version of Netscape seems to gag and cry and whimper every time I try to load the page, though everything appears fine on machines that aren't dying. Give us some time and we'll work the bugs out.

The Ratings!
Yep, the book is out, I can confirm it, since Random House actually sent me some copies to assert their reality. What am I talking about? Well, The Ratings is the funny book of funniness by Lore Fitzgerald of super-duper Bob-hosting Brunching Shuttlecocks fame. I plug it here since I did a big ol' pile of illustrations for it, some of them good. What a great gift for family and friends!

And speaking of gifts...
Why not hustle thou to the books page and order some shiny new Bob the Angry Flower collections? Look, there's little pictures of what they look like over there to the left! "Oh," you say, "I've already bought all the books," as though that lets you off the hook. Have you bought books for all your friends and family? Huh? I thought not. Anybody who orders a book from now until Christmas gets it special signed by me, and if you want the signing personalized, all y'gotta do is put a little note to that effect on the CCNow order form. It's easy and fun!

What else?
It's November now, and that means stuff, stuff, stuff. The Spider-Man DVD is out today, and I'm curiously excited about seeing it on the small screen. Then this coming Tuesday, America votes in a crucial election that nobody seems to care about. Get out and vote, you people! Jesus Christ! History's in the making, here. Then, a couple of weeks later, the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Special Edition DVD comes out. Man, I'll be looking forward to those sweet additional minutes of footage as I try to distract myself from the looming doom of a Republican victory in the election --unless it doesn't happen!

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