The Leaden Angels

by Paul Notley, 1993 (

Book One: Holy Mother Funny Sex Elevator
Three Monologues
The Philhellenon Club
How M.Savoir Committed Suicide
Rose Attar Gum and Mermaid Soap
Party Pepper Politics

Book Two: The Secrets of the Flannery O'Connor Brigade
The Drowned Librarian
The Parliament of Gryphons
The Invasion of Medicine Hat
Conspiracy and Matrimony
The Chinese Spice Box

Book Three: Venus and Wagner
The Library of Heaven
The Holder of the Averroes Seal
The Attack of the Grand Pianos
The Watermelon Koala Cortage
Son of Man

Book Four: The Compass of Death
The Dreams of Louis Dramsheet
The War of the Omelettes
The Wilentz Family History
A Gathering of Forces
Snowballs of Acid

Book Five: The Apotheosis of the Saints
The Vespers of Blood
How They Found the Devil's Advocate
The Secret of Natasha Wilentz
The Truth Behind the Compass

The Holy Orgy