Paul Notley's 100 Great Movie Murders

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1. Psycho -- Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) stabbed repeatedly in the shower.
2. The Godfather, Part II -- Frederico Corleone (John Cazale) shot while boating on a lake.
3. The Godfather -- Carlo Rizzi (Gianni Russo) garroted in car.
4. JFK -- President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (played by uncredited actor, and oddly, Kennedy himself) shot in the neck from the front, then shot in the back from behind and up, and finally shot in the head from the front.
5. Touch of Evil -- Rudy Linneker (Phil Harvey) and Zita (Joi Lansing) killed by bomb planted in their car.
6. Murder on the Orient Express -- Samuel Ratchett (Richard Widmark) stabbed twelve times in his sleeping car component.
7. Se7en--John Doe (Kevin Spacey) shot in the head in an open field.
8. The Usual Suspects -- Dean Keaton (Gabriel Byrne) shot in the head on a boat, along with a montage of other victims.
9. Angel Heart -- Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) stabbed and heart removed and eaten before his eyes.
10. The Wicker Man (original version) -- Sergeant Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) burned alive in giant wicker costume.
11. Goodfellas -- Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) shot in the back of the head through the front in a residential home.
12. Sunset Blvd -- Joe Gillis (William Holden) shot three times and falls in a swimming pool.
13. Greed -- Marcus Schouler (Jean Hersholt) killed in Death Valley
14. Jules et Jim -- Jim (Henry Serre) killed when the car he is in is deliberately driven off a bridge.
15. L.A. Confidential -- Jack Vincennes (Kevin Spacey) shot in his boss’ kitchen.
16. Memento -- Teddy (Joe Pantoliano) shot in the head.
17. The Vanishing (original version) -- Rex Hofmann (Gene Bervoets) buried alive.
18. Ran -- Lady Kaede (Mieko Harada) beheaded with a long sword.
19. The Man who Would be King -- Daniel Dravot (Sean Connery) forced onto a rope bridge, which is then cut away.
20. Don’t Look Now -- John Baxter (Donald Sutherland) throat slit in Venice.
21. Goldfinger -- Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) suffocated by skin being covered with gold.
22. 2001: A Space Odyssey -- Frank Poole (Gary Lockwood) has oxygen hose severed, while Dr Charles Hunter, Dr. Jack Kimball and Dr. Victor Kaminsky die when their life support/hibernation systems are turned off.
23. A Man for All Seasons -- Sir Thomas More (Paul Scofield) judicially murdered by beheading.
24. M -- Elsie Beckmann (Inge Landut) murdered off screen while her toy balloon floats away.
25. The Manchurian Candidate (original version) -- Senator Thomas Jordan (John McGiver) shot through the heart, the bullet passing through a milk carton
26. Jeanne Dielman, 2300 Quai du Commerce -- a john (Yves Bical) abruptly stabbed after sex.
27. Tess -- Alec D’Urbeville (Leigh Lawson) stabbed with the carving knife he had just been using.
28. Once upon a Time in the West -- Timothy McBain (Enzo Santienello) shot shortly after the rest of his family, with the exception of his absent stepmother, and after the arrival of Frank (Henry Fonda).
29. Double Indemnity -- Walter Neff (Fred MacMurray) shot, and dies slowly enough to give a full confession.
30. Bound -- Caesar (Joe Pantoliano) shot and falls into a puddle of white paint.
31. Les Diaboliques -- Christina Delassalle (Vera Cluzot) from an elaborately manipulated heart attack in her bathroom.
32. Gandhi -- Mohandas K. Gandhi (Ben Kingsley) shot at point blank range before prayers.
33. The Crying Game -- Jude (Miranda Richardson) shot.
34. L'Argent -- An entire family is murdered in the last minutes of the film.
35. In the Bedroom -- Richard Strout (William Mapother) shot.
36. Monty Python's Life of Brian -- Brian (Graham Chapman) judicially murdered by crucifixion.
37. The Confession -- Smola (Michel Vitod) and ten others, judicially murdered by hanging during the Slansky Trials.
38. Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom -- Assorted victims (including Franco Merli) are scalped, mutilated and otherwise disposed of.
39. Ivan the Terrible, Part Two -- Vladimir Staritsky (Pavel Kadochnikov) stabbed while being dressed as the Tsar.
40. The Passion of Joan of Arc -- Joan D’Arc (Maria Falconetti) judicially murdered by being burned at the stake.
41. Dead Man -- William Blake (Johnny Depp) shot in bed with a prostitute, it will take the rest of the movie for him to actually die.
42. There will be Blood -- Eli Sunday (Paul Dano) bludgeoned with a bowling pin.
43. Badlands -- Kit’s father (Warren Oates) shot in his home.
44. Kiss of Death -- Ma Rizzo (Mildred Dunnock) pushed down a flight of stairs in her wheelchair .
45. Richard III (Loncraine version) -- George, Duke of Clarence (Nigel Hawthorne) stabbed and drowned in a prison bathroom.
46. Doctor Zhivago -- Army Officer shot by a rifle, after his appeal to his mutinous troops is fatally undercut when the cover of the barrel he is using as a soapbox gives way.
47. The Rules of the Game -- Andre Jurieux (Roland Toutain) shot at a country estate at midnight while mistaken for someone else.
48. The Conversation -- The Director (Robert Duvall)’s fate revealed when Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) flushes a toilet and blood flows into the basin.
49. Strangers on a Train -- Miriam Joyce Haines (Kasey Rogers) strangled at amusement park.
50. A Brighter Summer Day -- Ming (Lisa Yang) stabbed after telling her friend she won’t change.
51. Apocalypse Now -- Colonel Walter Kurtz (Marlon Brando) killed with machete.
52. North by Northwest -- Lester Townsend (Philip Ober) killed by a knife thrown at him at the United Nations.
53. The Silence of the Lambs -- Two Police Officers guarding Hannibal Lecter, bludgeoned and eviscerated.
54. The Wild Bunch -- Angel (Jaime Sanchez) throat slit after being tortured.
55. Bram Stoker’s Dracula -- Lucy Westenra (Sadie Frost) first killed by vampiric attack, then decapitated after becoming a vampire.
56. The Pianist -- Anonymous victim (Joanna Brodzik) immediately shot after asking question.
57. Rashomon -- Takehiro Kanazawa (Masayuki Mori) stabbed with sword, in a variety of circumstances.
58. McCabe and Mrs. Miller -- a Cowboy (Keith Carradine) is shot on a bridge and falls into a frozen river, after being tricked into taking out his gun.
59. Weekend -- Roland (Jean Yanne) murdered, and later eaten by his wife.
60. No Country for Old Men -- Carla Jean Moss (Kelly MacDonald) almost certainly shot after refusing to play coin games with her pretentious and conveniently indestructible murderer.
61. Brazil -- Jack Lint (Michael Palin) shot in the head while wearing a mask. Shame it’s only a dream.
62. Vertigo -- Madeleine Elster (Kim Novak) already murdered before being pushed off the bell tower of a chapel.
63. Night of the Hunter -- Willa Harper Powell (Shelly Winters) drowned in her car.
64. Alphaville -- Several people are shot and fall into a swimming pool as Lemmy Caution (Eddie Constatine) watches.
65. A Short Film about Killing -- Taxi Driver Waldemar Rekowski (Jan Tesarz) bludgeoned while on duty.
66. Paths of Glory -- Corporal Paris (Ralph Meeker), Private Ferol (Timothy Carey) and Private Arnaud (Joe Turkel) judicially murdered by court martial ordered firing squad.
67. Z -- The Deputy (Yves Montand) struck by a club from a passing car designed to look like a hit and run accident.
68. The Omen -- Keith Jennings (David Warner) decapitated by a flying plane of glass.
69. The Untouchables -- Oscar Wallace (Charles Martin Smith) shot in elevator almost immediately after his key witness is.
70. Miller’s Crossing -- Mink Larouie (Steve Buscemi) murdered and found in the woods at the most convenient time.
71. Terminator 2 -- Todd Voight (Xander Berkeley) stabbed with a sharp metal arm that used to look like his wife.
72. Rope -- David Kentley (Dick Hogan) strangled in an apartment.
73. Clue -- The Singing Telegram Girl (Jane Wielden) shot on the doorstep after introducing herself.
74. Funny Games (original version) -- Anna (Susanne Lothar) tossed tied up into a lake.
75. Breathless -- Police Inspector Vital (Daniel Boulanger) shot while trying to stop a stolen car.
76. Easy Rider -- Wyatt ‘Captain America ’ (Peter Fonda) blown up when he and the gas tank on his motorcycle are shot.
77. The Parallax View -- Joseph Frady (Warren Beatty) shot while trying to escape assassins.
78. A Very Long Engagement -- Captain Favorier (? Tcheky Karyo) shot by guns that are activated by taking off ones glasses.
79. Throne of Blood -- Washizu Taketori (Tshiro Mifune) repeatedly hit by arrows by his troops.
80. Lolita -- Clare Quilty (Peter Sellers) shot after his murderer takes forever to try to get his attention.
81. Death on the Nile -- Salome Ottobourne (Angela Lansbury) literally shot between the eyes while trying to reveal the person behind the other murders in the movie.
82. Peeping Tom -- Vivian (Moira Shearer) stabbed with a tripod linked to a camera in such a way that she can see her own death.
83. Casino -- Nicholas Santoro (Joe Pesci) beaten, stripped to his underwear, and then buried alive.
84. The Matrix -- Apoc (Julian Arahanga) and Switch (Belinda McClory) killed when disconnected from the Matrix.
85. The Draughtman’s Contract -- Mr. Neville (Anthony Higgins) beaten, blinded and otherwise murdered as the end of his contract.
86. Europa -- Ravenstein (Holger Perfort) assassinated by Nazi ‘werewolves.”
87. The Shining -- Dick Halloran (Scatman Crothers) stabbed with an axe
88. Last Tango in Paris -- Paul (Marlon Brando) shot after saying “I love you.”
89. The Damned -- Sophia and Friedrich von Essenbeck (Ingrid Thulin, Dirk Bograde) are presented with poison capsules by their son/stepson on their wedding night.
90. Batman (1989) -- Anchorwoman (Kate Harper) poisoned by makeup.
91. Frenzy -- Barbara Leigh Hunt (Brenda Margaret Blaney) raped and strangled with necktie.
92. Pickup on South Street -- Moe (Thelma Ritter) shot after explaining why she’s not a communist.
93. Blow-Up -- a corpse found in the photographs Thomas (David Hemmings) is looking over.
94. Network -- Howard Beale (Peter Finch) shot as a ratings move.
95. Lawrence of Arabia -- Bedouin Guide shot for trespassing.
96. Full Metal Jacket -- Sgt. Hartmann (G.. Lee Emery) shot at close range at army barracks bathroom.
97. The Rocky Horror Picture Show -- Eddie (Meatloaf) bludgeoned and latter eaten after his big musical number.
98. Daybreak -- Valentin (Jules Berry ) shot at the hero’s apartment.
99. The Unfaithful Wife -- Victor Pegala (Maurice Ronet) murdered in his own home.
100. The Man with Two Brains -- Dolores Benedict Hfurruhurr (Kathleen Turner) injected with window cleaner in Viennese elevator.