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December 28 Post-Christmas Update --2001
Gosh, this posting late in the day on Friday is becoming a real thing these days. Anyway, here's a cartoon.

What? You don't get it? You don't think that's funny? What's wrong with you people?

Er, right. Anyway, have a delicious New Year, y'all.

December 21 Update - Late Again
Tsk tsk. Sorry about making you wait and all, folks. Kind of a drunken party last night. Anyway, here's a cartoon for y'all.

I was gonna link to my review of Lord of the Rings in See, but they seem to have not put it on their web site for some insane unfathomable reason. So screw it, I'll just put it on my own site. Check it out here, if you care.

And that's it for 2001! Done! Over! Except for next week, but then it's really done. Here's hoping you all have a fine Christmas or Midwinter festival or whatever, and don't forget, just because you can't get them in time for Christmas anymore, that's no excuse not to buy books.

December 14 Update -- A little late
Whoops. Here it is 6 o'clock, and I suddenly realize I have a web site I nned to maintain, people who rely on me, cartoons to disseminate. And, like, I totally forgot. Yikes.

Anyway, here's a cartoon for you. It's real.

Thanks to all those folks who wrote me to point out the whole Kofi Annan on Sesame Street thing.

December 7 Update - Holy, it's freezing here!
Well, the trip to Toronto was a success, with the much-loved Beguiling store buying up a pile of books and then, unbelievably, turning around and selling those books to consumers. In other news, the Chapters bookstores in Edmonton have now slowly ground into action and also now have some books to sell. Of course, that shouldn't dissuade anyone from going to the book page now and buying some books, bookstores or no.

Okay, hands up everybody who's simply insane --and I mean really nuts, here -- to see Lord of the Rings.  You guys? You? Yeah, me too. Is there reason to hope? Can this movie actually be good? Are we all about to get a lesson on just how stirring and emotional a movie experience can be if the people responsible for making it actually know what the hell they're doing? After years of expectations lowered by clunking, dysfunctional dreks like Star Wars: Episode One and Gladiator and Tomb Raider and movie after movie that stumbles into theaters with gross flaws any first-year script analyst could point out -- could we finally, finally be in for that once-in-a-generation event when a filmmaker gets it together and knocks the fucking thing out of the park?

Man, I sure hope so. 

In other news

November 28 Update, early this week
Why so early? Such a simple answer: I'm going to Toronto, and I won't be around to update everything on Friday. Hence, today, Wednesday. For all you Toronto fans (you exist, right?), I'll be dropping a bunch of books off at The Beguiling comic store (legendary), and maybe I'll even get the guys at Silver Snail to take some, assuming they even sell comics anymore and not just old Planet of the Apes figures. Don't forget to order books, though. Never forget to order books.

And a cartoon
Here it is.

November 23 Update... Yep
Okay, first things first: all you people from Edmonton -- stop ordering books online! Jeez, I feel terrible seeing you spend all that american money when you can just get the book at Greenwoods, Warp 1 Comics and Games, and Mars and Venus, and eventually Chapters. Not that I'm not grateful and all, but, man... As for the rest of you, continue ordering online. It's the only sensible thing to do.

Some Laffs
In the form of an angry cartoon about one of our most pressing issues...

November 16 Update - Whew....
All you fine people, all you wonderful, wonderful people... Sorry, I'm a little groggy, after all that mailing. But it's done. That's right --done! All 300+ orders, all shipped out, all air mail, all courtesy of Canada Post. If you pre-ordered the new book, then it's on its way. If you haven't ordered the book yet, then jeez, you should get on it --and fast! You won't get a book if you don't order it! You just won't!

New cartoonery!
Yes, it's here. Another cartoon, this one with a special guest star. Who is it who is it who is it? Click the link below to find out. Here's a hint: it's Kofi Annan.

Earlier Updates
Interested in earlier updates? They're here, and even earlier ones are here, you godamned maniac!

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