Fri, Oct 5 - Darling, shall we APE?
I believe we shall. We will cross mountain range and city scape, we shall haul con gear and bags o' clothes, we shall register once and then again elsewhere, we will haul again, erect and sell as best we may. Truly, what is there in life beyond the Alternative Press Expo? Nothing, say the gods.

Meanwhile, for those of you who do not join us in our elaborate dance of stand, wait, hand out flyer and pitch, perhaps to sell, for you find delivered now and here this cartoon:


Hey, folks! Come to APE! And if you can't make it, buy Rothgar! It's really good!
Fri, Oct 8 - APE is Nigh!
Ah, yes, it's but a week before the Alternative Press Expo explodes into reality in noble San Francisco! Comics will be bought and sold, alternative presses will be exposed, and with luck, beef brisket will be heartily consumed. What could be more wonderful for everyone? Nothing!

In the meantime, let's consider the serious problem of the

Baby Gap

Fri, Oct 1 - The Doc of Oct
October has never really properly been celebrated as the month dominated by that most fiendishly tragic and multi-armed of opponents, DOCTOR OCTOPUS! And so I devote this week's update to Dr. Otto Octavius, even as the strip I deliver has nothing whatsoever to do with him.

Cymatic Orb

On a completely separate topic
Who wants to see what the Canadian Government tells people in print form as they're going through the airports about the marvellous new SCANNING TECHNOLOGY we're using now? Anybody?

No? Well, too bad. It's here anyway. I like the frankness of the Canadian document even as it leaves so many hilarious holes open.
Wed, Sep 22 - Early
Yep, the update's a bit early this week, mostly because I'm popping back to Edmoton for the weekend and I expect to be too drunk to do the update then. So! Here's the update now. It's short, but gimme a break, I gotta get ready for my

Birthday Party
Fri, Sep 17 - WHOOSH!
Whoa! What was that? Was it an eagle? Was it TWO eagles? I know I heard something. Else why would I have typed "Whoosh!" as the title of this update? There must have been a reason, but I don't see any eagles anywhere. Most puzzling.

Anyway, I guess I've got another cartoon for you hungry, hungry people, not one quite as scifi-flecked as last week's winner, but still, it's inspired in part or in whole by Jack Vance's "The Dying Earth" books, so it's got that going for it. Kinda. Here it is.


You know what I haven't done in forever? Yes? You in the middle? The guy who yelled, "Posted a PopStrip!" Yes, sir, you are absolutely right, it indeed has been forever since the last time I posted one. So let's correct that all in a bunch by posting a veritable shitload of them, all found on the PopStrip page!

PopStrip! Zuma's Revenge, why not?
Fri, Sep 10 - Damn, September
Quit racing along so fast. I want more 30s time! Three or four years' worth, not a couple of weeks. This is bullshit and you know it. I'm registering a complaint with whoever's in charge of months. You'll be hearing from my attorney. Count on it.

Anyway, here's a cartoon. Curious fact: while most of my scanned strips clock in at around 800-900K, this baby's a whopping 1.6 Megs! And you all know what that means: ink, and lots of it! Featuring not one but TWO wacky guest stars! OMG!


Oh, and...
buy Rothgars, folks! They're for sale and everything!

Fri, Sep 3 - Falling
Well, so much for summer. We had some good times, right? Like that one time the sun was out and the sky was blue? That was awesome. Can't wait for next year!

I kid. Even though this hasn't been the sweetest of seasons, it's been quite tolerable and I expect it to remain so for a while, even though the shortening of the days is starting to get pretty damn noticable by now, dammit.

Anyway, I suppose y'all are interested in a cartoon, so let's pull this one out and see how it does.


And don't forget: Rothgars are for sale! Get the book of which Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade said:

"I think this might be my favorite book yet.  I've had to stop reading twice now because I can't stop laughing... Jesus fucking Christ."

Fri, Aug 27 - Finally!
Yes, yes, finally. But before I get into what is final, I'd like to muse briefly about how sometimes you go out for a rack of lamb and a crepe and you bring your drawing supplies along with you, and for reasons you can't really explain you end up drawing a cartoon about


What was I saying about finally? Oh, yes, Bob the Angry Flower: Rothgar is finally on sale at ComixPress. YESSSSS!!! So, ifn' any of you folks are interested in a dazzling display of cartooning wizardry and plot-thread dynamicism, a tome in which vengeful geats, blithely oblivious royalty and mad crackers go head to head to, um, cracker, look no further than this fabulous book. Featuring Annotations, a full color Rothgar section biwth colors by Marvel's Nathan Fairbairn, a lovely color job on the front by PopCap Games' Matt Holmberg, and funny cartoons by me, your host, Stephen Notley, Bob the Angry Flower: Rothgar is sure to spruce up your bathroom reading habits like nothing else!

Buy Rothgar at ComixPress!

Didn't I promise last week to deliver some gruesome photos of my inspired-by-genius drunken slashing of my finger? I did? Well, then.

Fri, Aug 20 - Ouch
Quick update this week, folks, since there's some kinda "industry" event going on just up the street and I hear tell the clock's already clicking on the hosted bar. Though I've been *slightly* hesitant about abusing the drink this week, seeing as how last Sunday I drunkenly sliced my finger open rather wide in an effort to trim a piece of Bristol for a cartoon. If I can find the new USB cable I bought to connect my phone to the rest of the world I'll maybe post some gruesome, bloodspattered pictures next week if anybody cares to see 'em. In the meantime, delight in the fun and entertainment of this week's strip, called


Dammit, I don't know why it didn't hit with me. It's got loads of energy, slabs of style, it's loyal as hell to the source material and the cast is solid. So why was I so distant? I don't hve a good answer. Somewhere down the line I just couldn't give a shit about the love story, and I kept waiting for a moment where Scott acted self-sacrificing or humble or contrite or something and it didn't happen and so I just didn't care if he survived. Plus that weirdness with the defeated foes becoming coins... for some reason I accept it in the comics as this odd reality of their world, but in the movie, it just seemd to trivialize everyting, like if Scott had lost one of his battles he'd have become a pile of coins too and everybody just would have ho-hummed and gone on about their business. I'm devoted to Shaolin Soccer, which is strikingly similar in style to Scott Pilgrim, but where Shaloin Soccer fills me with life and vigor and tears every time I watch it, SPvtW went past me and through me without a sound.

Fri, Aug 13 - This Week
Well, after last week's anti-Randian bravado and dreamy Web 1.8 shooting in the dark, we're gonna downshift a few gears. How many gears? How many you got? I'm still waiting on ComixPress to set up the buy page for

so sadly I can't start breathlessly steering people there in hopes of maybe selling a copy or two. What else? Scott Pilgrim vs. The World comes out today; I'm looking forward to it. Edgar Wright has yet to let me down. And else? Why, there's a comic. Sort of a brutal one, and not in the fun brutal way. It's kind of inexcusable, but part of me is still compelled by it. I dunno. Here it is.


Fri, Aug 6 - Go Go Gadget Galt!
I title this week's update in honor of this week's comic, which is all about bailing from our leaden society of compromise and creating a better, fairer and more just world based on the entirely rational principles laid out by Our Mother of Eternal Reason Ayn Rand. If only we could adopt these principles, surely, surely, surely, we couldst inhabit none but paradise.

Murder in Galt's Gulch

Digging and Dugging
I've spoken before about my stubborn refusal to recreate this site more in line with the expected technologies and techniques of the 21st century, and I remain stubbonly refusing. But in this instance I made a small concession. Seeing as how the above-linked Atlas Shrugged cartoon got some currency here and there and I'm following it up with today's strip, I appended a How can the most perfect of societies be struck by the most terrible of crimes? Discuss. Digg link to the comic. If you're not on Digg already, it makes you sign up and wait, so blah. But, if you like this week's comic and feel it might be useful to throw down on fools, and you're already a Digg user or are willing to become one, feel free to How can the most perfect of societies be struck by the most terrible of crimes? Discuss. Digg it.

Fri, Jul 30 - Oh man
Sorry folks, but I'm just too drunk and tired and exhaustedly still recovering from Comic-Con to be able to deliver a coherent report on it. What I have to offer is this:


The very new comic I handed out to folks at the Con as evidence of the hilarious, free-wheeling awesomeness of Bob the Angry Flower, the very one that so failed to convince.



I haven't yet set up the ComixPress buy site/link, so I got nothing to offer other than the tantalizing hint of a great book according to some. Many, even! Next week!
Wed, 20 Jul - They Begin
And by they I mean all the things that will happen at Comic-Con this coming week and end. They're rarin' up. I seem to be mostly packed so now it's all over but the five-day screaming bout. Should be a good time. Drop by if you're around, I'm in the Small Press Area, Aisle 1400, Table K 16 (I think). Comics! Comics like these!

Buy them, fools! BUY THEM!

here's this week's cartoon two days early!

Oh, and what the hell, from the woefully out-of-print 4th volume of the Bob books, Bob the Angry Flower: The Ultimate Book of Perfect Energy!!!, and for the first time ever on the Web (except for when it ran on GraphicSmash a few years ago in color), here's

Love Bot Conquers All

Fri, Jul 16 - Comic-Con Comic-Comin' Up!
Not this week, but next week, the big ol' dog and pony show we all know and fear launches itself into our lives once again, and as per habit, I'll be there, hat-wearing it up and doing my best to move brand-new copies of this merry tome

to an unsuspecting and indifferent audience. I hope people buy them! And then, once I get back, I'll set up the Comixpress store link and any of you folks who want it can order it straight from them! How's that sound? Pretty good, right?

I draw comics!

Fri, Jul 9, 2010 - Hot Out
I know, it's absurd for folks living this far away from the equator to complain about or even mention the heat. Heat beats down across our northeren hemisphere right now, not because of axial tilt or closeness to the sun but simply because those two things get together with waves and waves of air and water moving over our earth, carrying heat and cold every which way.

Nonetheless! It seems hot out here, hot and humid. Not by standards of even the eastern coast of America, and laughably not by standards of folks who live closer to the equator. But for those of us from the northern climes, we wilting willing salamanders from Albertan rains, it's hot out. Sweaty, even like.

Thus the only solution is to drink, dump physicality into the warm comforting morass of psychological experience and get enough wasted that you don't really feel it until you get home. The only way, fellows, the only way.

What was I blathering about? It being hot? Guh! Liar! Child! Weakling! Don't you have a comic to post?

Don't Tempt Me
Fri, Jul 2 - Canaday + 1
I hope all you Canadians out there took some time to enjoy Canada Day in between hopeless weeping at the state of the nation as evidenced by the sub-simian coppery on display last weekend in Toronto. Nothing like a bunch of idiots in riot gear to calm a crowd down, I tell you.

In other news, how about that Doctor Who finale, huh? Pretty confusing though odly satisfying, am I right? Course I am! My positions on all things Who is inerrant.

Anyway, let's have a cartoon called

Bacon Lovers, Rejoice!
Fri, Jun 25 - Later, Sun!
Perhaps that's overstating the situation a bit. It's not like the sun has disappeared for good or anything. It's just that I get sentimental once the solstice is past, knowing the days are getting shorter again. Imperceptibly at first, sure, but it's happening. Gotta get some outside time while we still can!

Anyway, it's not like this has anything whatsoever to do with comics and the posting thereof. Astute readers will recall there was no update last week, which means this week goes DOUBLE! First we have the fictional fabrication of


followed immediately by the overwhelming all-power of

The Ballad of Wop May

Take that, readers! Take it to the bank and deposit it!
Fri, Jun 11 - GONE!
Back to the Canadian wilds for more than one week. Bears are sure to abound. I hope I make it back to deliver the next two cartoons in the queue to you, loyal readers. In the meantime, here's this one

And for folks in Edmonton, tonight's the opening of the National Portrait Gallery at Latitude 53! Zowers!

Fri, Jun 4 - JUNE!
Yep, it's June, and we all know what that means. We're all starting in on halfway through 2010, this year never to be repeated even if apocalypses rise and scourge but fail to wipe us all out so eons later people of some kind --animal, plant or deck-- start keeping count of years and get round to 2010 of 'em. Cuz it won't be the same year, y'know? Same name, different year.

What was I talking about? Oh that's right -- nothing! How about a cartoon?

Spicy Chipotle

And here's an amusing flash game about cats!
Fri, May 28 - Genesis
Not in the biblical sense, of course, but in the more general sense of a something coming into existence, being made as it were. Something like

Rothgar Cover

The blessed thing's off and getting printed at ComixPress as I type. I hope folks like it, cuz I'm gonna have rather a few of 'em at Comic-Con to unload. Come on by and grab one; I assure value and deals.

I had the good fortune to be turned onto the work of P.G. Wodehouse over the weekend, and I must say I'm enjoying the stories immensely. The dry turns of phrase are revelatory. Expect some Wodehousian off-ripping in the weeks to come.

Right, there is one. It follows thusly and features the return of an old friend.

Painful Memories
Fri, May 21 - Whiskey or Whisky?
Which is right? Both? Neither? One sometimes and the other other times? All I know is it's a lot more expensive than gin.

Feels strange to be off the Cracken wagon, facing blank pages with no lead-in or necessity. It'll probably take a few weeks to get back to speed, feel the new rhythm. Meanwhile there's this cartoon.

Fri, May 14 - The Crackened
Awright! The long-sought, ever-confounding, completely mysterious conclusion of The Crackening is nigh. It approaches. It is here!

The Crackening 10

Gonna be weird facing a full-on blank page again after ten weeks of having some kind f overall game plan. Thanks, good readers, for sticking with the strip through this baffling nonsense; I assure you all regular programming will recommence next week.

Sweeter still, not only is this storyline finished, but the above cartoon represents the final strip in the newy new new upcoming new Bob book, Bob the Angry Flower: Rothgar! The book itself is rapidly coming together and I hope to tantalize y'all with some cover imagery soonisher than laterer. Stay tuned!

Fri, May 7 -- Assed 2, Kick
Two weeks ago I babbled about the movie Kick-Ass. I return to babble once again having seen it twice since then (thrice total) and read the book. It's a shocking experience. The movie is solidly better than the book. This almost never happens.

Even more startling is that the movie closely follows the book. You can't read the book after having seen the movie and not notice line after line, scene after scene, the movie IS the book.

And yet... and yet. The film is remarkable for its brutality but once you've read the book you notice how the movie leavened the violence with sensibility. Both book and movie are harsh, but the book indulges in harshness for its own sake. The movie finds something more.

There are small but telling changes. Not to go into spoilers but

The Big Daddy/Hit Girl relationship, in the book, is another fuckyou gag. In the movie it lives. The same is true about Red Mist. Book: pure fuckyou; Movie; means something.

I'm hopelessly in love with this movie, even more than How to Train Your Dragon lancing out of nowhere to lay claim to my affections. Kick-Ass refuses to suck. It never gives up. It gives one cool scene and then drops more better scenes on top. Imagine yourself watching for the second time a movie you liked, waiting for the great moment that brought you back into the theater again. Now picture having seen that moment and knowing that there were still three moments to come, the one the REAL one, the one has you licking tears from your face. Yeah. It's good. Don't trust me. Just see it.

And while you're at it, sneak into a theater showing How to Train Your Dragon if for no other reason to hear the triumphal John Powell score and see the best dragonriding ever put on film.

Why Are We Here?
For all you readers who've taken the time to complain that the current storyline is stupid, nonsensical and without value: Thank you. Until you wrote I assumed nobody whatsoever was reading. To you and to all others: hang in there, we're just about done. One more! And for those small handfulls who kept reading and were enjoying the nonsense: BAM! It's ON! What now?
The Crackening 9
Fri, April 30 - Zing!
Last week I really enjoyed Kick-Ass, and this week I had the pleasure of enjoying another movie, this time How to Train Your Dragon (in 3D!). The flying sequences are wonderful and the music is by John Powell, who did the score I adore for ANTZ. It's not the greatest movie ever, despite its 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it's solidly entertaining. Wheeee! A good movie twofer!

Meanwhile, in Bob cartoons, the Crackening roars towards its baffling and deranged conclusion with this little number:
The Crackening
I'm studiously at work on the next book, due for release at Comic-Con. Should have a cover image up here for you folks soon. Tasty!

Fri, Apr 23 - Ass-Kick
I love this movie. I can't help myself. It's unabashedly vulgar and violent and it strokes the most reprehensible emotions but it's just so... fricking... cool. It drove a spike six inches into my brain and left me unable to do anything but burblingly point at elements of the movie and say how awesome they are.

Like Nick Cage. He is awesome in this movie. He's got this amazingly funny, loving, demented relationship with his daughter. Holy shit, Hit Girl. Hit Girl is fucking unbelievable. She can kill anybody. Fucking anybody. She's the greatest most coolest character in years. And then there's the bad guy. Dammit, he's great. And the music. Damn, the music is awesomely great. And the way the movie starts off with the conceit of a superhero movie in a world with no superheroes and then makes that conceit into a total lie by delivering the most badass superheroes in the history of movie superheroes is totally metally sweet. And the way the movie shows the brutal results of violence and then totally gets us to glory in murder is punchingly brtually awesome. And the colors are rad.

It's entirely possible, as Ebert suggests, that liking this movie is prima facie evidence for being a terrible person. Maybe. But fuck that. Sure, Kick-Ass is morally repugnant. Yes, it glamorizes violence more effectively than almost any movie. Granted, it's a shameless blast of fanboy self-gratification. But as I say, I just can't help myself. The movie's too well-told, too stylishly put together, just too --fuckit-- too kick-ass to resist.

The Crackening 7

Fri, April OneSix -- Whoops
Totally forgot I had to do an update this evening. I was digesting sunrises and Gungans and lots and lots of gin and trying to get some shit worked out and ended up here, destitute, without a clever update.
The Crackening 6
Fri, Apr 9 - Update Early
I'm not gonna lie to you folks. It's not really Friday. I'm writing this Wednesday night so I can stumble home from extreme drinking Thursday and just upload the files. Files like this:

The Crackening 5

Thurs, Apr 9 - Expected drunk
Yep, readers, I am liquored, so I don't dare spend too much adding to this update for fear of spraying punctution and grammatical errors all about everywhere. Suffice it to say that the Atomic Bombshells put on an entirely wiggly show, one inspiring further drinking.
Fri, Apr 2 -- Storytelling
Golly! Somebuddas' reading this web site? Given all the RSSs and feeds and iStuffs out there I must say "Astonishing! How still possible?"

I wish to you loyal readers that I had something more to deliver other than this fourth installment of this event currently occurring, but it turns out this piece of the story is how the story said itself must be and who am I to contradict?

Nobody, that's who!

The Crackening 4

Whew! Rothgar's pissed! What happens now? If only anyone knew!

In Addition, 3+1 Dimensions not counting time
There's a game demo out there, Miekagure. It reconstructs basic platforming mechincis with a simple addition: a fourth spacial dimension. Yes, it's impossible to understand or visualize. Hence, get on it!
Fri, Mar 26 - B spelling seattle
It seems obvious if asked to spell "dyslexia" in a spelling bee context the correct response must be "Dyslexia. Aye Eye Ex Ee Ell Ess Why Dee dyslexia backwards." But I appreciate how the harsh lights of the stage might stop one from the perfect answer. Nonetheless I enjoyed the Drunk Bee event at the Crocodile Club prior eve. It's all too easy to perform perfectly or imperfectly from the cloaken wilds of the audience, not having to endure a single onstage tremble of the onstage trembling experience. Such goes double for the humorists, the comedians working jokes in RealTime with no opportunity for backspace and further rushed into rushing their punchlines, not savoring their pauses cuz after all, you can't stop you mustn't stop. So, to the spellers and standups performing at the Crocodile one March eve in the 2010 year, hear hear. You've balls far beyond mine.

Ooh! Ooh! And that's not even counting the locats section! Yes! In a spelling bee! Contestants were required to spell the correct catty incorrect spellings of words to the thumbs-up-or-down approval of the there-by-laptop creator of! MADNESS.

Bob Cartoon
Continuing, it goes on.

The Crackening 3
Fri, Mar 19 - Daylight Savings
Stupid Daylight Savings Time! Contemptible clock-switching witchcraft it is, making me 40 minutes late when I thought I was 20 minutes early, playing me the fool at my first-ever Emerald City Comicon. Daylight Savings Time, mark my words: one day I will have my revenge.

In other news, I've got a cartoon for y'all, a little dinger thoughtfully entitled

The Crackening 2
Fri, Mar 12 - Recovered
No fear, folks. The bout of gutpain that truncated last week's update so rudely was blessedly short-lived and left me unexploded at the end. So I'm back this week to deliver you all another cartoon from a seemingly endless supply

The Crackening

Emerald City Comicon
Sort of a last-minute thing, but I guess I'll have a table at the Emerald City Comicon this weekend at Artists Alley, so if any of you readers are Seattleites or Washingtonians or just happen to be around, come on check it out!

Fri, Mar 5- Ow ow ow
Hey, folks, I kinda got a bastard of a stomachache goin' here, so if you don't mind I'm just gonna post this real quick and writhe on my bed for a couple of hours. Toodles!

Fri, Feb 26 - Updated!
Howdy, folks! Got another update for y'all. Quick question, how many of you out there are Doctor Who fans? You? You? I see another hand, that's three... hmmmm. Well, sorry about that for the rest of you, but here it comes, another scorching Doctor Who-themed strip!


Yet Another Game
Lately it's seemed like this site is the Bob the Angry Flower/random web-based game blog, but I can't help myself. I work at a game company and I come into contact with games that arouse my interest. This week it's Infectontor! World Dominator, found at Kongregate, made by, I guess, Toge Productions. It's a rather goofy-looking, pixel art game in which you are tasked with destroying the world zombie-style. Maybe it's the charm of the pixely art, maybe it's the world map, maybe it's the slow grind of infecting people with zombieism and slowly upgrading your zombies and unlocking wacky Santa zombies and Ronald McDonald zombies and Colonel Sanders zombies, but I played the crap outta this thing. Perhaps you will too!

Fri, Feb 17 - Zzzzz...
Sorry, folks. I don't have any super awesome unicorn games for you this week, and I'm sorta sleepy from too much drinking last night so it's gonna be a quickie this week, like so.

15 in 15
Well, I guess I'm not entirely done. There is the matter of the 15 in 15 Cartoon Challenge currently underway over at Chamber of Comics. It's kinda like the 30 in 30 deal we did last year except contestants must deliver a comic every day on the day. The field has widened considerably since last time, featuring eight whole toonists with skin in the game. Mine are quite bad, certainly no Cracker Comix, but some of the others are works of arch genius. Check 'em out if you dare.

Fri, Feb 12 - Dandelion
I was going to start this update with a whole dance and song about how readers of this week's cartoon


could learn more about the wondrous mysteries of noodle by looking at Tampopo, a superb Japanese movie that's out of print on DVD but currently resides on YouTube. Then I went looking for the YouTube link and realized the complete movie version is subtitled in German. Sorry, folks. Still a great movie, though.

Robot Unicorn Attack
I'm a well-known unicorn partisan but even I did not expect the hypnotic power of RUA. Two buttons. I have yet to beat 30,000. Waitaminute--I just did! Yeaaaahhhhh! Take THAT, crystal stars!

Fri, Feb 5 - Time After Time
The Nicholas Myer movie, actually, rather than the Cyndi Lauper song, though I can see how you could make that mistake. No, they're two entirely different things, connected only by name and me liking them, the song more than the movie -- but not by much.

Fri, Jan 29 - That Was Fun
January 2010, I mean. Not too bad. Okay, sure, it was pretty disheartening to have my brand new Christmas jacket stolen, and I could have done without a few of the other random failures and humiliations I endured this month, but overall... actually, yeah. January 2010 kinda sucked.

But we don't have to worry about that for too much longer, and hey, the weather's been nice!

Fri, Jan 22 - Into the ohTens
Well now we're in and let's do it. Let us put aside our failed resolutions from the oh-nines, let us stop pretending we'll be better now, this year, just cuz it's got a round delicious fat zero on the end, let us just get to work.

In that here is yet, amazingly, preposterously, ridiculously and above all stupidly, another Bob the Angry Flower cartoon.

Folks about and around, do enjoy! It's up to you!

Quick note: I wrote the comic badly. It should be obvious to go from the first panel to the panel underneath and then to the right, but I've read it enough times to know that it's all too easy to go from upper-left to upper-right. No. Upper left first, then down, then across, then easily down and left to right in the classic Western style. Sorry for messing up the flow, folks. I thought I knew better!
Fri, Jan 15 - Arg, Dimensions!
I'd seen Avatar before the holidays. I was appalled. But, as I hasented to inform, I hadn't seen it in 3D.

Now I have, and I ... like it better. My hate has been turned into, if not love, at least a warm sympathy. A rare change, I assure you!

Anyway, enough about anything, a new strip awaits.

Fri, Jan 8 - Jimeny Twenty-Ten!
Hey, y'all, welcome back! Looks like life goes on upon our quaint dirtball, another spin around the star we all love and cherish so much. At least for now!

So! Hope you folks all had a good New Year's! I did, or at least I'm confident I did even if most of my confidence comes from my knowing I was too drunk to actually remember my New Year's moment. But there speaks the tale, I say!

Anyway, new year, head down, work to do, let's get at it. So, here's last year's cartoon


followed swiftly by this year's first cartoon, a terrible effort going shamefacefuly by the name

Mon, Dec 21 - Buh-Bye, '09
Yep, another year, another departure to Edmonton for out-hanging with family and friends. Thus, this is the last post of the year, and while I'd love to get all weepy and sentimental about it, I've got a plane to catch. Later, folks!

Vixen's Lament
Fri, Dec 18 - WORK
It's work to put this update together. It's, like three in the morning and I'm drunk and typing on my keyboard trying to make an update happen. Now I know you, my fans, my readers, would never want me to be forced to exert myself in any circumstance, and I thank you for that. Nonetheless, time's a-tickin and I simply don't have the option of not having an update. So, is there a cartoon?


Seems there is.

What left for 09? Quick runup crashpile to the end of the year and then we all flail through 2010? Sounds fun! Hope y'all are ready!
Fri, Dec 11 - Earlies
I'm putting together this update early because I've signed onto PopCap's Game Jam challenge beginning yesterday Thursday 10 am. We who've stood ourselves will be pushed, filed, stamped, briefed, debefried and numbered. We will then be given a game name around which to create a game. We'll have 24 hours to accomplish this task. I expect to blow it out in four hours and retreat the rest for drinking. Nonetheless, just in case game-making takes more than 4, 8, 12 or 16 hours, I wanna make sure y'all get your regular scheduled update. As so:


Fri, Dec 4 - Chill
It was cold but dry in Edmonton a week ago. It's cold and dry in Seattle this very moment. This is strange and brings to mind questions about global climate, local weather patterns and personal outerwear decisions. I have to ask: is it time for gloves? Do they still make those?

Regardless, this week's strip presents a hydraulic challenge never to be equalled or surpassed.


Chamber of Comics
The epic 30 in 30 cartoon challenge continues apace over at Chamber of Comics, all contestants busting varying quantities of anus in order to provide you, the indiscriminate comics fan, some food for your funnygut. Please enjoy at your leisure.

A Random Video about LSD & Baseball
At work I sometimes am exposed to amusing trivia and minutia with which I can lighten the steps we all take towards death. Here, then, is a delightful Flash-animated video by No Mas and James Blagden about Dock Ellis's celebrated 1970 LSD-infused major league no-hitter. Enjoy it, not at your leisure, but NOW!
Fri, Nov 27 - Nervous
Not about anything in particular, mind you. It's a more generalized thing, something... elusive. Perhaps it's just that everything's all a whack these days, and how can you really trust or believe in anything when it's

Olives Against Olive Oil

Chamber of Comics
So an old Gateway cartooning colleague Mike Winters runs a blog called Chamber of Comics. He challenged himself and Fish Griwkowsky ( to draw 30 comics in 30 days. After some hesitation I also jumped in. So, folks, 30 in 30 is ON. Check out Chamber of Comics for some hilarious cartoon tales as well as some I did.

Fri, Nov 20 - DXs and also DYs
Sorry for being so frazzlebrained lately, folks. I've been trying to learn coding and Flash Actionscript 2.0 all at the same time, so my mind is cluttered with sprite._x and sprite.dy values and trying to apply what splintered shards remain from my trigonometric learning to make those values dance. Plus I've been drinking gin.

But who cares of that? All you guys want is another cartoon. So here is one.


So here's a taste of my madness, if'n anybody is interested.
All States: The mouse moves the Reticle around.
State 1: Ball chases the Reticle. Click to go to State 2.
State 2: Ball stops chasing the Reticle. Click to go to State 3.
State 3: Ball shoots at Reticle and bounces around. Click to return to State 1.

Click to transition between three states!
Fri, Nov 13 - Whoops!
It's totally Friday morning and I completely forgot to do the update! Let's rectify that, AT ONCE!


Earlier updates? Here!