Fri, Nov 6 - Now November
How about that Hallowe'en, huh? You folks have fun? How was the weather? Good? You dress up? Awesome. It sure did get dark fast after that Daylight Savings Time switchover, am I right?

Oooookay. So, here's a strip.


The Legend of Neil
I encountered this yesterday by recommendation of a co-working buddy, and if you've got any fondness for Zelda games, you might well enjoy it. Wee 5 or 6-minute bite-size chunks, they are. Mmmmmm.
Fri, Oct 30 - Hallows' Eve's Eve
First I wanna say thanks to all the folks who wrote in after last week's whine session about updating web pages and RSS feeds and such. If you look to the left you'll see a bit of the fruit of some of those e-mails, links to RSS feeds that already exist. As far as more ambitious remakings of the page in Wordpress or Comicpress go, stay tuned.

Second, here's a cartoon.

Save Us

Third, have a fun Hallowe'en!
Fri, Oct 23 - Searches
I've heard tell that people, by which I mean folks, want an RSS feed from this site. I fully sympathize. Indeed, at last week's APE I had offers to help me set one up. And I'd love to oblige.

Admittedly I don't really know what an RSS is or how it works, but I get the general picture. It blurps out little chunks of XML code to RSS readers and summarizes web site updates in headliney form.

My problem is this: RSS feeds, as I understand them, require (or at least are greatly assisted by) the action of backend web site machinery, the sort that's standard in this shiny new century, classic stuff that no self-respecting current aspiring webcartoonist would even know how to not include in his or her web site.

But this clunky thing you see before you, there's no back end. It's typewritten HTML every week, stupidly so to the extent that in posting this week's cartoon

The Search

problems erupted as I suspected then realized I already had a strip called search.gif. I had to pull the original search.gif off the site and store it before I destroyed it forever with this update. It was close. The Search for Acceptance, a book 1 strip, would have been eliminated entirely from my computronic resources had I not thought thrice.

Where am I going with this? Uhhhh, there was somewhere, more whining --oh yes! Here: I can't do an RSS feed until I put the site on something that does stuff (or until I learn how to hand-code each RSS XML every week). But to get the site onto something so new and powerful and big means a full-on project, utter re-creation of the site and hand-delivering thousands of files to their proper new places.

I must do this at some point. You readers who've begged me for an RSS feed, I know. I lose incalculable ground every day it's not done. But... frickin'... razzafrazza... GODDAMMIT!

On the other hand I've been fiddling around with Flash at work lately, so watch this space for some terrible, terrible Flash thingies coming soon!

Or maybe now. I tested it and it seems to work, so let's throw the HTML in and see if I can have a flash game on my site. Here we go:

Or, instead, let's give it its own page so it doesn't mess up my Dreamweaver display, like so:

The BIG Adventure

Did it work?

Fri, Oct 16 - A Press Expo!
Yep, another year, another APE, in, as always, San Francisco over the weekend. Thankfully it's not Hallowe'en weekend and even more thankfully it's not the weekend preceding a big emotional national election. It's just a regular October weekend, for which I am, as previously stated, thankful. Plus, I hear tell Keith Knight, Miriam Libicki, Ted Rall, Stephanie McMillan and Shannon Wheeler will be there at the same time! And likely others! Ohboy! Mayhaps some of us will get a chance to eat beef brisket together at Tommy's Joynt! And Keith tells me I'm on a panel! Yikes! Better not get too drunk! DAMMIT! Too late!

Strip? Don't mind if I do.

Complex Numbers

Fri, Oct 9 - A Land of Which There Are Zombies
Saw Zombieland this evening, liked it quite a bit. Sadly, I can't describe why without ruining the shock of discovery I felt going in not knowing any more than I knew. All I knew was there was a cameo, and even knowing that drained some pleasure from the seeing. Sorry for spoiling it for all y'all who didn't know that much. But, yeah, Zombieland. Good. A curious opposite to this year's Up, is all I'll say in addition.

Strip? Yes!

Fri, Oct 2 - I Say, Holmes
Just got back from watching some old-style Sherlock Holmes, a little tasty black-n-white Basil Rathbone action hailing from 1945, Pursuit to Algiers. Not bad at all. I know Jeremy Brett is all the thing, but after having watched the Basil and also a dose of Christopher Lee, I gotta tip up for some of the old masters. I was startled to see that none of them went by the "classic" Sherlock Holmes look, with greatcoat and earmuff hat and pipe and magnifying glass. I wonder where that image came from?

Anyway, September 2009 is dust, October 2009 stares us facely with Moriarty's calm cruel intensity, and time again demands a Bob the Angry Flower cartoon.

Grape Juice
Fri, Sep 25 - No More Sep
No more Sep, yep, no more September this year 2009. The next update's gonna come in hard and fast in October 2009; hope we're ready. We're not ready? This penulimate year of the first decade of the 20th Century is charging past far too fast? Too bad. IT'S HERE! Almost here, I almost mean!

Energy Shields
Fri, Sep 19 - Falls
Yep, it's definitely falling. Trees gettin' all oranged and denuded, daylight hours slinking away earlier and earlier like partiers who've lost their will to party. S'okay, though. Earth's axial tilt and all, it's good for us. Keeps us fresh.

Strip? Cartoon? Drawn thing? Sure!


It's a play, don't you know. A musical play, in fact, currently on at the Paramount Theater here in Seattle, a theater by which I walk twice a weekday to and from work. Wednesday evening I was semi-accosted by a man wanting to sell me a ticket for $10. "No, thanks," said I brusquely as I walked up towards and past the Paramount.

But durn if I wasn't tempted, enough to pause, enough to think about it, enough to walk back down to the guy. The guy, knowing a sucker when he saw one, upped his asking price to $20, an offer I grudgingly accepted.

Glad I did, though, even if the show was already half an hour in, and I had to shuffle past eight or nine people in the row to take my seat in the upper reaches of interplanetary space. Still hung over from the night before, it took me a while to get into it, but into it I did finally get. Some catchy songs there, and I really liked the relationship between Elphaba (Wicked Witch of the West, for Oz fans) and Glinda, reluctant college roommates eventually lifelong friends. No surprise later on when I checked the program and found the show was written by Winnie Holzman, awesome giver to us of My So-Called Life. Indeed, Wicked has a MS-CL feel to its characterization, presenting seemingly obvious types but slowly and beguilingly layering them with additional complexity. Nice. So if you care to find me, look to the Western sky.
Fri, Sep 11 -- Done
Okay, now really, this is the last. At least for a while maybe.

Rothgar Epilogue

Not quite sure what to do now. Goofy jokes seem likely.

No Pork
I refrained from eating pork this evening. More specifically, I refrained from eating the Two Bells' Pork Loin sandwich, available monthly on Thursdays. I wanted that Pork Loin sandwich so bad, but I knew if I indulged that desire, I'd miss out entirely on examining the Lookout out out out on Capitol Hill, on Bellevue Ave. no less, a neighborhood bar to which I can walk by climbing and descending fewer than one time each. Worth it to pass on the pork for the lovely Lookout.
Fri, Sep 4 - Here it comes
Here it comes here it comes, the almost to last bit of Rothgar delivered HERE at, striking now, this very second

Rothgar 9.

If any of you readers have encountered this page within the last three weeks, I heartily encourage y'all to click here for Rothgar 1 to be provided an easily clickable webreading experience. Click on each cartoon to be carried to the next!

Longer-term Readers
All you folks who've been reading along for the whiles, thanks for bearing with me, not only in indulgence telling this story but sharper indulgence explaining to me how to explain to this-week newcomers how to read this story, and just general indulgence all around.. Glad to have y'all along. Hope you had at least a good time as I did. The links I made for the newbs are for my use and everybody's as well, so do use them.

Little bit left, just a tiny bit, then we're back to ... normal? Regular Bob cartoons? For a coupla weeks for sure, but then...



Fri, Aug 28 - Almost
So close to being done the Rohthgar saga I don't know what to do other than simply splatter Rothgar stuff athcha all...

Rothgar 8
I'm loving Tarntino's Inglorious Basterds; I have loved it and do love it. Got lots of reasons to do so but must confess I find a similarilty in his desire to just storytell as best possible. With Rothgar I'm just trying to do the same: meaning, purpose, what's the story got to say? It's just too fun to get in on telling the best funnest story possible with its own moments.

Close to done, though, dear readers. One more twist for y'all and then a full wrap-up. Thanks, those of you who've stuck around for sticking around. Hope you enjoyed yourselves! I'll try to entertain you in the future!

Fri, Aug, 21 - How it Goes
Yep, it seems another week scooted along in this material world, more we gotta do to live in this world of stuff rather than staying away and existing in a world of no stuff and no things and no time. If only we didn't hafta live in space and time in order to do anything that anybody could call living. If only, if only, if only there was some kinda difference between being and non-being that we could talk to or somethin'. Sets, like, or something.

Anyway, dudes and dudettes above and below, get on it! How often we gotta go through this before we/us figure it out and come up with something better, cooler, and more effective?

A while yet, I suppose.

Cartooning? Sorry, folks, I got a bit more to say about

Rothgar 7

but really only to say hang on, I'm almost done, I'll get back to straight funnies once I'm finished this oddball thingyepic I'm into and on. Y'all who are still around and waiting, sit tight, and for y'all into what's up at the moment, I'll strive to draw knowledge from experiment to realworld.

And as for you, you constant reader, you dwindling hundreds or tens of regular readers still sticking around after all this nonsensical drunkenness and weak sloth? Check back in two months and scroll the page or hit the archive. I swear there'll be something amusing in there! I swear I swear!!
Thu, Aug 13 - 40th Birthday
Not mine, though that awesome day charges ever closer, but my brother's. Happy Birthday, Paul!

I host a fair chunk of my brother's stuff on my site. Just off the top of my head and by consulting the column to the left, we have Paul Notley's The Leaden Angels, Paul's Alternate Oscars, Paul's 300 Fave Movies, Paul's 500 Fave Songs, and maybe best of all, Paul's 100 Movie Murders. And why not take a graze through Paul's Amazon reviews, many of which are excellently biting?

Right, right, a Bob the Angry Flower cartoon, think I've got one somewhere...

Rothgar 6

He's Serious
So let's say you're of a mind to send someone a gift, some sentimental gesture. Sure, you might send flowers. But what if, instead, you sent a man-eating pit made out of Lego? Folks, it's no longer necessary to waste fruitless hours imaging the answer to that question. Now you can find out for yourself. Simply visit

Fri, Aug 7 - Poof!
And just like that, it's not hot in Seattle anymore. Oh, I still use the fan, but it's more out of habit than need. Good riddance, heat wave.

And what of cartoon land? This week sees the action heating up in

Rothgar 5

Fri, July 31 - Sick!
Yeah, maybe a little. Less than I was yesterday, which in turn was less than the day before, but still detectable. I guess that's what happens when you come back from an air-conditioned Comic-Con on a three-hour plane-ride to a Seattle experiencing a record-breaking heat wave, the heat and humidty of which seem specially crafted to deliver a solid stomp to the nuts to my Albertan cold-and-dry lovin' body.

Anyway, a cartoon, the continuing adventures:

Rothgar 4
Yep, it went down. Sold out early, too early, Friday afternoon early. Sort of according to plan, since I sent fewer books this time specifically so I could sell out early and have some time to check out the Con, but I misjudged the numbers. I should really keep track of those!

And yet, for all my wanting to have time at the Con, I didn't really take advantage of the time I ended up with to wild out and hit crazy panels and the like. I focused mainly on buying comics, reading them, and taking pictures of pretty girls. Oh, and annoying Dave Gibbons, artist for Watchmen. Did some of that. Spoke briefly to 6th Doctor Colin Baker, snapped a quick shot of real Uhura Nichelle Nichols, drank absinthe, hung with my invaluble friend and ally Keith Knight, got locked in the bed of a pickup truck, ate crab cakes, endured a seriously painful bout of food poisoning, dined in the company of Family Circus cartoonist Jeff Keane, drank Fernet Branca and called it a night. Comic-Con oh-nine. Bam.

Bookworm Adventures 2!
Folks, I totally blanked on mentioning that Bookworm Adventures 2, a game I did quite a bit of stuff for, is out! Check it out!
Wed, Jul 22 - GAwahhh!
Hojeez, gotta get ready for Con, gotta pack stuff and yep, travel-friendly contact lens crap and yeppers, handouts for later and right, right, gotta finsih and deliver side project thingy and yeah, wait, gotta do an update, a little thrang of

Rothgar 3
I'm going! Just like every year! I'm in Small Press K16, Aisle 1400!, right next to Keith Knight! Drop by if you want books!

Fri, Jul 17 - Opera Party!
Yep, another Friday update, another hopelessly bedrunkenly wasted Thursday night job of Thursday night updating for Friday morning consumption, like clockwork.

Forever ticking. No respite. On the other hand, if I didn't want to do this forever until I was dead I probably shouldn't have drawn this cartoon. But I did, so let's long-haul this sucker!

In the spirit of long-hauling we now find the second episode of a continuing Bob the Angry Flower graphical story.

Rothgar 2
Don't really know where this one's going, but it'll go a ways.

And Hey!
You should buy Bob the Angry Flower: Pamplemousse! I've really come around on it. It's not a bad book at all! Parts of it are really rather good!

And Then Why Not
buy Dog Killer as well? I'm forced to admit that many funny cartoons abound there as well!

What does Bjorn think?
Excellent question! If only held the answers!
Fri, Jul 10 - On Con
Y'know, even though I think I've got most of my Comic-Con preparations in hand and most everything sorted out before heading down not next week but the week after, I'm still nervous. I'm having did-I-leave-the-stove-on? flashbacks and I haven't even left yet. Why is that? I wish I could answer. Instead, all I have are

8 Reasons to Attend Meltdown Music Festival

Little disaster flick that came out a few months ago by Alex Proyas, dude who gave us Dark City. I finally saw it on Netflix. Rotten Tomatoes holds it in contempt (32%) but not many movies have the balls to follow through on its story like this one.

Fri, Jul 3 - Fear Not
Do not let your hearts be troubled. True, it's a bit later on Friday than I normally like to let it be before posting a new strip. But that doesn't mean you have been abandoned. It doesn't mean there will be no Bob the Angry Flower cartoon for you this week. No. It simply means it's a bit later than usual.

Greed Parade

I wonder what's happening at the PeggleFever blog? What sorts of things has that crazy unicorn been up to over there? What forbidden passions has he indulged?
Fri, Jun 26 - Felled
Gonna be a quick update this week, folks; I just got home from a late-night viewing of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and I'm kinda drained. So here's the strip:


Not quite as bad I expected. Sure, it makes the first Transformers film look like a model of concision, restraint and dramatic clarity, and yes, it's loaded with crass gags and endless humping and scrotal jokery. But I didn't cringe every second of the movie. Bits were good. Shia actually acted a bit here and there, which was nice to see. The crypto-racist steppin-fetchit robot comedy duo were annoying but weren't nearly as prevalent as I'd feared. I was even able to tell which robot was fighting which at any given moment. Maybe it was that I'd had several gin and sodas prior to the movie, but I was mostly able to just sink into the Bayiverse and take it on its own terms.

It would've been nice if the movie had exhibited a little more... let's say patience. Consider the Autobots' arrival from the first film. There's a kind of grandeur to the sequence, inane as it is, primarly due to a pretty darn good bit of scoring that traces an emotional arc at least as perceptible as that of a decent music video. There's no comparable sequence in Fallen; no part where the movie is willing to devote three minutes to a single idea. The Autobots' Arrival theme pops in for six bars here, eight bars there, but never gets a full workout, and the movie's poorer for it. Too bad.
Earlier updates? Here!